15 Lime Crime Beauty Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is in the air, and that means colorful and trendy festival spring beauty trends are back in bloom again like the fresh spring blossoms outside. The following are 15 spring beauty trends for 2018 from the one of a kind makeup brand and color experts; Lime Crime makeup. Lime Crime makeup has everything you need to be spring ready for 2018.

Springtime Highlighter

Highlighter is a type of makeup product that shows off your face. It’s the polar opposite of say concealer. Highlighter brings attention and a glow to wherever it is applied to your face. Typically a highlighter is used to accentuate the cheekbones. You should apply a delicate streak to each of your cheekbones to make the most impact with your highlighter in the bright spring sunlight. You can also apply a highlighter onto your nose, under your eyes, or below the arch of your eyebrow to create more attention to these areas of your face.

Lime Crime carries a line of opalescent highlighters that are perfection for the spring months. They have numerous highlighter palettes in pastel and neon colors to select from. The palettes have three different highlighter colors per palette.

Spring Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick gives your lips a strong matte finish. They won’t look shiny, which allows for your eyes to be the focal point of your makeup look. Matte lipstick is the perfect thing to go along with the glitter eyeshadow looks for spring.

Everyday Eye Palette

Using an everyday eye shadow palette is necessary. Choose a palette that you can use for everyday makeup no matter what is going on. If you are running late for work, ready for a night out, or have plenty of time to do a full blown eye makeup look, you can find a palette at the makeup for unicorns to meet all of those needs. The Venus palettes from the makeup brand have a variety of colors that can be used for neutral and smoky eye shadow looks. Each one of these palettes additionally have a few brightly colored hues that are in pink, purple, or blue.

Statement Eyeliner

Go with bold eyeliner for the spring. Cat eyes, slight wings, or a slightly natural eyeliner look are perfect for the springtime. Be sure that the eyeliner is waterproof, so your liner won’t run.

Purple Accents

For the spring months, purple is your color this year. Any kind of purple is popular for spring. Lavender, lilac, plums, or a pinkish purple magenta hues are going to be the “it” color for spring 2018. The Venus III palette from LC makeup is perfect to keep you on trend, because it is loaded with all the pink and purple shadows to keep your eyes up to date.

Reliable Foundation

Make sure your foundation is going to be reliable in the sunny spring weather. Find a foundation that won’t slip off too easily in the hot sun. Make sure it’s long-lasting. Find a foundation that has SPF to make your sun protection that much easier for you to take care of every sunny spring day.

Long Wear Lipstick

Using a long wear lipstick will help you to maintain your lip color all day. LC makeup’s Plushies lip colors are long lasting and come in plenty of different colors to choose from.

Lash Extensions

Skip the mascara this year and go straight to lash extensions. Lash extensions will give your eyes that much more wow factor and save on your eye makeup clean up time.

Hydrated Skin

Healthy and hydrated skin is popular for spring. Maintain your skin with a skin care routine that includes a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer, and an eye cream to keep your skin and eyes refreshed.

Strong and Defined Brows

Brows that have good definition and are held in place are popular for this spring. Don’t over line your eyebrows though. You merely want them to appear bold and be held in place with some brow gel.

Lip Gloss

Carry lip gloss with you everywhere you go this spring. Doing so will keep your lips moist and hydrated during the season change.


Keep your nails painted or done up with pop on ones this spring. With neutral fashion, select a bold color for your nails. For a festival ready nail look, use pop on nails in various colors or patters. These are easy and quick to apply.

Neon Color

Adding on bits of neon is a fun way of giving your spring beauty look something extra. LC makeup has so many neon colors to choose from. You can amp up your hair, eyes, or lips with some of the neon hues they sell.

Glitter for Some Fun

On the days you’re having a lot of fun during the spring time, you should throw on some glitter. Add glitter to your skin or to your hair. Glitter looks beautiful at music festivals or other such spring time events you may be attending.

Bob Reina: It’s Bigger Than Him

Bob Reina is smart enough to know that when it comes to Talk Fusion, it is bigger than him. Here is the thing to remember: that fact does not bother him. At the end of the day, he is happy with that fact. He is one of those rare CEO’s that is not selfish and is not a glory hound. He is all about the company, at the end of the day. He might do interviews on behalf of the company and he will share some tricks of the trade, but more than anything, he wants to raise awareness about Talk Fusion, so others can see how it can transform their lives.

Bob Reina knows that when he talks, people are listening to him because they know the success the company has had and they know he is the man behind it. He founded and created the company back in 2007. It is truly hard to believe how much time flies, but when a company is having as much fun as Talk Fusion is, it is gone before you know it. However, the exciting thing is what is around the corner for Talk Fusion and what the team is working on at the moment.

They have won awards in the past such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is an award that means a lot to the team over at Talk Fusion. They have put in a lot of hours and manpower to achieve that award. That award is given out to the company that is constantly changing, evolving, and coming up with new ways to improve the product. That sure sounds like Talk Fusion, doesn’t it? Bob Reina wouldn’t have it any other way. Again, though, he is using his power and his status for something bigger than him. He always wants the message to be about Talk Fusion and what they are doing as a company. Learn more: https://homebusinessmag.com/author/bob-reina/

The only time he will put the spotlight on himself is when he makes a donation because he is hoping other CEO’s will do the same.


Just How Great Is Foodservice Giant OSI Group

Food services are some of the most vital services known to man and there is no other way of getting around it. People have to eat in order to survive and this specific industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are a number of food suppliers on planet earth, but none of them are more productive than OSI Group. This phenomenal company is a literal rags to riches story. Founded in 1909 by German-immigrantOtto Kolschowski, this little meat market had big aspirations to become a huge success. During this time, the company was family-owned and operated, but it would soon make it to the big leagues.

Otto & Sons was making a name for itself by providing high-quality products. It was doing so well to where McDonald’s would come knocking on its doors for business. McDonald’s was an up-and-coming restaurant during this time, but the two businesses complimented each other very well. Even after the cryogenics movement of the 1960s, both parties continued to work exclusively together as Otto & Sons/OSI Group became one of the restaurants meat suppliers. OSI has worked with many other affluent brands like:

• Burger King

• Saizeriya

• Yum

• Papa John’s Pizza

• Starbucks

• Subway

• And numerous others

Of course, this is only a short list, but you should have a better sense of how influential this company truly was at the time. OSI Group is efficient for a number of reasons because it has facilities in the nations of Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Austria, Australia, China, the United Kingdom, the Netherland, the Philippines, Spain, India and other regions. In the United States alone, the company has facilities in California, in Illinois, in Iowa, in Utah and in Wisconsin.

Contact OSI Group: discoverorg.com/directory/company/OSI-Group/7670

Wes Edens Helping Fortress Investment Group Grow Beyond What Was Expect from It

The primary aim of the investment management companies is to help clients find venues for investments that would generate returns, and help safeguard the funds for the long-term. The investment management companies are there to help the corporations to manage their finance as well as safeguard their investments. The market is filled with a variety of investment options, and it might not be possible for the companies and affluent individuals to do the financial analysis and predict market movements on their own. With the help of professional expertise and experience of investment managers, it becomes easier to reach the financial goals. One of the prominent investment management firms in the United States is Fortress Investment Group with over $70 billion in assets under management. The company has over 1,750 clients, and the count continues to increase with every passing day.

The force behind the success of Fortress Investment Group has been that of Wesley Edens, popularly known as Wes Edens. He is the current Chairman and was also one of the founders of the company. He has built the company from scratch, and it is because of his hard work that the company has managed to reach new heights. Wes Edens started his career in the financial industry back in 1987 when he joined the Lehman Brothers as its MD and was also a partner. But, later he quit the position in 1993 when he was offered a job at the BlackRock Asset Investment. It was while working at these first firms that he managed to develop his financial skills and learned everything he could about the industry. He achieved great success during this period but later quit to start his own company.

Wes Edens was the President of the company from 2009 till 2017 when he was asked to take on the responsibility of co-chief executive officer. Later, he was made the present Chairman of the company. He is also the CEO of the Newcastle Investment Holdings and the Eurocastle Investment. Apart from working towards the success of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks Inc. recently; the Fortress Investment Group has launched their eSport brand with the name FlyQuest. Currently, it will have just one team, League of Legends that Wes had purchased in December 2017 last year for about $2.5 million from the company Cloud9. Wes Edens want to invest in other eSport avenues as well to expand its brand.

The Life of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a professional money manager who has had an exciting career in the financial industry. During his career, he has helped numerous people succeed with financial planning. In the United States, the economy is strong and most people have jobs. However, few people are saving and investing for the future. Instead, numerous people are struggling with high levels of debt. Before the last major recession, debt levels increased rapidly. Peter Briger is worried that another recession is coming soon. He continues to advise clients to prepare for an economic crash. By investing in a few asset classes, Peter Briger believes that his clients can protect themselves financially.

Early Career

Peter Briger attended college but did not have a clear direction for his future. He decided to work in the financial planning industry because he thought it offered an excellent opportunity for him to succeed. He enjoyed talking with people, and he has a natural ability with numbers. He was soon one of the leading financial planners in the country after graduating.Peter Briger received an opportunity to work at Fortress Investment Group. For over a decade, Fortress Investment Group was one of the most successful private equity firms in the world. Peter Briger joined the company as an executive.

Financial Planning Tips

Peter Briger firmly believes that everyone should invest for the future. The vast majority of people either do not invest or only invest a small percentage of their income. To build wealth, a person must invest a lot of money each month. Peter Briger encourages his clients to work extra jobs to take their investments to a new level. There are multiple opportunities for people to earn a higher income by working a freelancing career. By reducing spending and earning higher wages, people can save and invest more money for the future.

Ara Chackerian Invokes Nicaraguan Sustainability in Limonapa Teak

Ara Chackerian started out life in the executive world under many roles within the Health industry; Most notably with Diagnostic Imaging services. He was formerly the chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics, the VP of PSS / World Medical, and a chairman at PipelineRx to name a few. Having conquered the corporate world and business side of things, it’s not too common for someone such as himself to venture into the Environmental Studies realm of business. Most people simply don’t do this. However, Ara Chackerian did and has formed the Limonapa Teak company in Nicaragua, which satisfies multiple agencies at once to create cohesiveness in the community and stop deforestation. Firstly, it provides local jobs to Nicaraguans. Secondly, it provides teak to the wood market, which is commonly the most sought-after and prized wood made in building ships and yachts. And thirdly, it helps correct deforestation through what would typically be over-forestation and lack of rotation.




Ara Chackerian realized after looking at an example in Michigan, that this method can be employed anywhere around the world with careful consideration to local environments. Michigan, for example, adds 21 million dollars to its yearly state budget by selectively trimming or what is known as “Forest Thinning” in the area. It must be done so in a way which conserves trees and protects the local Wildlife populations, and requires rotating the area in which the trees are harvested every set number of years. Although many local wildlife prefer trees to be closer together in order to form a more perfect habitat, this may not be ideal for recreational census for park-goers. For example, the Kirtland’s Warbler species of bird prefers to have two trees grouped closer together in order to create more harmony in their environment and nesting. However, for people, we may actually prefer going to parks where trees are more spread apart and aesthetically pleasing. Limonapa and the state of  Michigan have found a way to strike the balance between sustainability, rotation, business, and aesthetics. You can visit medium.com for more info.



Check out: https://patch.com/california/san-francisco/gauging-healthcare-startups-ara-chackerian-boom-or-boost

Gold And Silver Help From U.S. Money Reserve

Less than one week ago, U.S. Money Reserve’s own John Rothans – the Chief Numismatist at the company – came up with a short guide to explain how well gold and silver – nothing more, nothing less – is geared to perform for the next seven months, or until the end of 2018, and what factors could change each substance’s price, and more.

U.S. Reserve is a popular, reputable provider of just about all precious metals.

The company has been around for just short of to decades, and also regularly publishes helpful literature that its many customers and prospective clients can use to get on top of their personal finance or investment strategies.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/angiekoch-usmoneyreserve-894 and http://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2017/11/16/us-money-reserve-gives-to-harvey-relief.html

If anybody on planet Earth is qualified to give such investing advice and predictions, it’s certainly John Rothans.

What Is Likely To Change Gold Prices More Than Other Factors This Year?

The U.S. Money Reserve professional suggested that the incomes of people around the world are steadily climbing higher and higher, when considering the global aggregate income, as a whole. Read more: US Money Researve | Instagram and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

When people have more money to spend, they spend it. Many times, such expenditures are in regards to nothing else but gold, as those hard workers want to earn more income over the long run than if they were to just save their cahs, and not make the expert-approved moved of getting into gold.

Silver Could Be Very Valuable In December 2018

The highest estimate that U.S. Money Reserve published for the price of one ounce of silver was a little over $19, whereas the potential lowest price on that list was Sharps Pixley, with the highly reputable firm stating that the average price of an ounce of silver would be $18.08, on average, whereas it could drop to a low of $15.60 or a high of $19.10.

Getting To Know U.S. Money Reserve

In 2001, U.S. Money Reserve was founded by a team of experts in the field of precious metals.

Today, U.S. Reserve operates a digital catalog of coins printed by the United States Mint, including American Eagle Coins, American Buffalo Coins, and even some from around the world, like a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the South African Gold Krugerrand, and the Austrian Gold Philharmonic.

Further, U.S. Money Reserve offers its 400,000-plus clients silver, gold, and platinum in government-issued bullion, solid bars of precious metals, and even collector’s edition, mint-quality coins in a protective casing.

The RealReal: Focused On Growth Now To Become An IPO Later

RealReal started out with a precision focus on women’s luxury wear at its inception seven years ago. The budding company left behind a flooded peer-to-peer market to become a front-runner in a different model of selling secondhand luxury goods online. In order to weed out fakes and present luxury items that are truly in their best possible condition, RealReal has established a professional in-house authentication team that vets every piece of merchandise a seller sends in to be sold on its site. One would think that might make RealReal the enemy of big luxury brands. However, it appears this is not the case. Sellers from RealReal seem to be going back to the same brand and purchasing an item of the current season at retail. From a business model standpoint, this is exceptional marketing. RealReal makes it easier to afford secondhand luxury names without the worry of authentication and puts more coin into the luxury brands at the retail end.

RealReal has since moved into jewelry, watches, home decor, art, and menswear. A New York City brick and mortar store potentially is in RealReal’s sights as well. All with the RealReal signature for authentication and attention to detail resale. So why another round of new investment infusion? CEO, Julie Wainwright’s pitching for a crisp new 100 million has a few people speculating why the choice to put off the companies initial public offering. One idea is that RealReal has not yet reached the peak of familiarity and allurement needed to become a traded stock. Another mindset might be private investors know that the luxury resale market is a bigger cash cow than originally thought. In this case, it would be more suitable to hold out on the IPO idea so RealReal can take another influx of investments to cultivate growth. Growth means securing a higher market share at the time of going public. As a result of waiting to become a publicly traded company, it gives RealReal the chance to prove itself as a top contender in the online luxury resale market. To achieve this, RealReal needs to etch out more of the fashion resale surge away from the very popular peer-to-peer market.”

Adam Milstein Is Trying To Stomp Out The Flames Of Antisemitism

The radical right has always peddled anti semitic points of view. While this will certainly surprise no one, who has even been paying a modicum of attention over the past few years, the radical left has also begun to sprout anti semitic views with a far greater rate of regularity.

To Israeli-Americans like Adam Milstein, this is not an acceptable state of affairs. Adam Milstein also finds himself worried about the movements of radicalized Muslims who are also known to spread anti semitic propaganda whenever possible.

All of these groups may share the same misguided beliefs but they each have a different manner of expressing them. The traditions might change from religion to religion. To those who are forced to live out the consequences of these viewpoints, the end result of this bigotry is more or less the same.

North Americans and Europe have both been forced to watch the rise of these groups in horror. It may seem as if the far left should be shocked and dismayed by these behaviors. However, these groups are able to come together and bond over a series of common enemies.

None of these groups are too fond of Western cultural influences that are making their way into their daily living. The groups also despise the same freedom of speech that Adam Milstein fights for. Milstein also finds himself wondering how the far left could find themselves closely tied to such hateful groups.

In the mind of Adam Milstein, the reason for this is a rather simple one: a view of history that is woefully distorted. They view Israel as an oppressive nation and this is what keeps them from knowing the truth. This odd allegiance is even allowing these ideas to spill into the mainstream.

These ideas must be eradicated from the mainstream point of view before it is too late. Now that anti semitic sentiments are even making their way to college campuses, the time has come for serious actions to be taken. Otherwise, we increase the risk of potentially existing in a society where antisemitic points of views will start to become the cultural default.


Plastic Surgeon, Mark Mofid

San Diego plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid is working to make implants a safer procedure. His plan is to change things for the better. He is known for only performing surgeries that he thinks are completely safe for his patients. Instead of using the same implants that weren’t suitable for the body because it would eventually start to sag, Mark came up with a higher quality gluteal implant. This took him hours of research and planning but when it came out industry was highly impressed. This also relieved the patients because now they wouldn’t have to worry about the procedure going wrong. Before Mark’s new way, the gluteal industry was seen as a negative industry. Dr. Mofid knew this and still decided to invest his time and money to find a better outcome.

Mark Mofid has worked closely with Dr. Raul Gonzalez, from Brazil, who began working in 1984. Brazil is the most popular place for the gluteal augmentation industry but the United States isn’t far behind. When there was only 1,000 gluteal augmentation procedures done in the United States, Brazil had over 20,000 procedures done in 2012.

Mark Mofid began his practices in 2004 and is now a main choice to perform plastic surgery. He attended Harvard University and obtained his undergraduate degree. His medical degree and training was completed at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. His wife works as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, and a nurse, in San Diego, alongside Mark Mofid at their clinic. They also have a surgery center built onto the clinic. Mark also works at various hospitals such as, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Mark Mofid believes that doing good work is the best way of advertisement. It’s cheaper and help you to focus on more important things like quality instead of price.