Bruno Fagali Talks About Corruption Perception Research

Bruno Fagali and his colleague, Lucas Pedrosco recently took a look at how the corruption perception index is determined. More specifically, they looked at the research and methodology used to arrive at country’s corruption perception index in government and business.

The first thing to take note of right off the bat is that the corruption perceptions index is just that. It is only the perception of corruption says Mr. Fagali. The index is not a measure of the actual corruption that occurs in a country’s public sector or private sector. It is only a measure of how corrupt people perceive their government officials and businessmen to be.

The methodology used to arrive at the corruption perception index varies from country to country according to Bruno Fagali. Some countries have research on the level of perceived corruption done by 9 or 10 different organizations. These organizations can include journal or magazine publications, academic institutions such as universities and surveyors.

Bruno points out that each organization has their own method of arriving at the level of perceived corruption in a country. These means that there is no commonality in how the results were obtained. Thus, it can be said that the results are not as comparable to each other based on the different methodologies or research used by the various organizations. The Brazilian attorney also pointed out that each country studied must have had at least three different institutions conduct research on the level of perceived corruption. Most nations had much more than that number, however.

Another critical subject to note is that the level of perception can often be out of sync with the actual level of corruption. In Brazil, for example, the level of perceived corruption has risen substantially. This does not mean that corruption is getting worse. Instead, the high profile corruption cases in Operation Car Wash is bringing to light a lot of past corruption.

The public is now witnessing many media reports and lawsuits involving public officials. This probably explains why there is a higher perceived level of corruption in Brazil right now than before. Corruption is probably lower in Brazil right now, but the perception is higher due to lots of media reports on corruption right now.

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney who specializes in compliance, ethics, and regulations in both the public and private sphere. He recently created his own law firm. His alma mater is the Pontifical Catholic University Of São Paulo, where he studied general law as well as administrative law.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Working to Improve Pediatric Surgery

Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who has truly changed how pediatric surgery is completed. He obtained his medical degree from Cairo University and graduated with honors. After completing his residency in England, Dr. Saad Saad decided to immigrate to the United States and since then his career has taken him around the globe and given him many chances to make his mark in pediatric surgery.


His peers know him as not only an accomplished pediatric surgeon that has completed more surgeries over the course of his career then what he can count, but also an innovator in the field. Over the course of his time in the field, he has worked tirelessly to not only complete successful surgeries, but to also invent instruments and procedures that make the field of pediatric surgery safer. His endless work has led him to create and actually patent two medical inventions.


The first medical invention that Dr. Saad Sadd patented is a catheter with an integral electromagnetic location identification device attached to it. He decided to try to invent such as device in order to be able to locate a catheter within an individual, without having to use a scanning machine. His invention works by using energy that is electromagnetic to figure out the location of a catheter that is within the body. An external locating device is scanned over the patient’s body and when this device is over the area in which the catheter with electromagnetic technology is located, the light on the locating device lights up and thus the doctor knows exactly where the catheter is located. Some colleagues have compared this invention to a metal detector, but it does allow for quicker finding of a catheter and prevents patients from having to undergo extra X-rays or MRI scans.


Dr. Saad Saad’s second patented device is an apparatus that allows an endoscope to remain in place while suctioning and irrigation occurs. Endoscopes are used to look at the interior of the body through a tube that is attached to a camera; however, oftentimes the camera gets covered with bodily liquids which hinders the view. The solution that Dr. Saad Saad came up with was to convert a part of the endoscope into a suctioning device. So, basically now if the view is blocked by fluids, then the physician can use suction to clear the area and improve the view.


Dr. Saad Saad will be known as a pioneer in pediatric surgery. Not only did he seek to serve his patients, he also wanted to overall improve the field of pediatric surgery. He has so far been able to do this and his expertise is still often sought out by other pediatric surgeons. Learn more:


NewsWatch TV Testimonials, A Review

In operation since 1990 with over 1,000 original episodes, NewsWatch TV, which airs on the ION Network as well as the AMC Network, has a Reviews & Testimonials page on their website: .Following the link above leads to a page NewsWatch TV proudly-displays the numerous famous organizations with whom they have worked. This impressive list includes well-known entities such as Audi, Casio, Outback Steakhouse, and many more. The content on this page is well-organized & easy to traverse.

Scrolling down further past notable campaigns the company is involved with leads the viewer to a video where a knowledgeable & confident representative of Avanca Ockel, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, is being interviewed by Anthony Tropeano, one of the NewsWatch TV team members. His engaging voice & focus helps the timid agent provide feedback on working with his employers. This feedback is indeed positive and illustrates how NewsWatch TV’s clients receive professional & reliable services. Extra charm is brought to an otherwise dry & technical interview as the Avanca Ockel representative tries to repress a giddy, adorable attraction to Mr. Tropeano. The two speak informatively about a product which offers the same functions of a Windows 10 PC but in mobile size!

Award-winning & thorough with emphasis on reviewing consumer products & services through interviews, PSAs, and non-profit campaigns,this 30-minute news show also includes hosts Susan Bridges & Michelle Ison & airs during morning news hours. It has several locations including: Fairfax, VA, New York City, & Washington, DC – its home city.

Bob Reina: Businessman and Philantropist

Bob Reina is both a philanthropist and a businessman. He believes in a developing a successful business, as much as he believes in giving back to charity. For Bob Reina, it is not just about personal success. He believes in sharing the success with others, and that is truly admirable in today’s world. Bob Reina’s passion and drive can best be summarized as having an “I WILL”, attitude. Never looking back, and constantly striving for a better global future, inspires other business owners to do the same. Bob Reina believes that philanthropy can take place on a larger scale by being public and open about it. Using one’s presence in the world may inspire others to do the same. He remains grateful, and appreciate of anonymous donors, and philanthropists, but he himself, prefers to do it on a public scale. He inspires others by setting an example in his business, Talk Fusion, and also by being a renowned philanthropist. Bob Reina is a big believer in getting out of his office, and experiencing the world head on. While some might questions the long term sustainability of his efforts, Bob Reina’s philanthropy, and the success of his business will always go hand in hand. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is a business that caters to tech, and communications. Talk Fusion focuses on what their customers really need, and want. By establishing their presence at trade shows and conferences globally, they have a better idea of what customers are looking for than most businesses. This means that they know what to provide, and are in a much better position to sell their products quickly, and without hassle. Bob Reina, and his business stand out because they always believe in their products excellence, and they are not afraid to stand out. Bob Reina is an example to us all because he believes in personal success, and the success of other’s world-wide. While it is ideal to have a thriving business, Bob Reina would not be content until he felt he was giving back enough as well. Creating a better world, caring for his family, and inter-connecting people are his core passions. We should all learn from Bob Reina, and pay attention to the footprint he is making. His impact on charities, and business world-wide will be around for generations to come.

CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Paragon Biosciences. He is also the founder and the chairman of the same company. Jeff Aronin has been in practice in the field of healthcare and biotech for more than twenty years.


Jeff Aronin has been in service as the chairman and even the Chief Executive Officer since 2010; his active participation in the company has made it competitive globally. Jeff Aronin is excellently skilled in advanced sciences that deal with rare diseases and drug development.


Accordingly, his superior expertise in the healthcare gives Jeff Aronin an exceptional vision on the several needs in the global market. Jeff Aronin stands at an excellent position to merge the scientists and business leaders.


When brought together, the two fields can develop valuable research techniques for treatments. They can also come up with exceptional therapies globally. Jeff Aronin also offers mentorship programs to the prospective entrepreneurs who can gain more from the understanding brought about by the extensive experience gained for several years.


Jeff Aronin participated actively in the deal with Lundbeck Inc. after it incorporated the Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Jeff Aronin founded and launched it serving as the Chief Executive Officer since the year of establishment 2000 to the year 2009.


Then the Lundbeck Inc. hired it and entirely purchased the Ovation Pharmaceuticals in the year 2009. Jeff Aronin has got an ambition of establishing more renowned companies. Nevertheless, his primary goal is to develop the health outcomes of a significant number of patients having no other option.


In Paragon biosciences, Jeff Aronin is faced with a challenge of disapproval of medicines. The Paragon biosciences firm is based in Chicago. The investment firm has established and helped a high number of companies grow to higher standards.


According to Jeff Aronin, there are three approaches that health firms need to employ so that they can be successful. He noted that a success-oriented firm should always understand the needs of the patients, invest in ways to identify the illness that the patients are suffering from and ensure that it attracts world-class investors and build high-quality firms for the medicine to get approved.


Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman Writes About How Time Management Is Critical For Any Start-up

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman recently wrote a blog posting where he said that creating lists is very important when running a successful business. He wrote that creating 100 day plans are critical when it comes to organizing and describing responsibilities as well as assigning them to the right people. This should be in the form of a checklist which will help the entire team stay focused and gives you a way of measuring progress.

One of the most important things for a start-up is time management, he wrote. When time isn’t properly managed it can lead to expensive cost overruns and missed opportunities. It can also lead to dissatisfaction among both customers and employees which can be the death knell of any business. Glen Wakeman says everyone has tasks they don’t enjoy doing but an entrepreneur needs to be dispassionate about these and get them done on time regardless. He says they need to be willing to move outside of their comfort zone when dealing with tasks they don’t enjoy.

He also says that the best people in your company ought to be working on the biggest problems in your company. This will maximize the chances of successfully solving problems. He says a good idea as a business owner is to hire people who are different than you. You might enjoy sales, for example, but dislike dealing with numbers. Hire someone who loves numbers and you’ll find things getting effectively done.

Glen Wakeman worked all over the world for his first company, GE Money. He was responsible for developing this company’s business in multiple countries including launching subsidiaries in nine countries. His success doing this was recognized by this company’s board of directors when he was designated as one of their Growth Leadership Role Models.

He now operates to companies he founded. These are Nova Four and LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. In this first company he offers consulting and coaching services to his clients. He also provides access to capital through Nova Four for business owners. LaunchPad operates a website that enables people to create business plans. He said every new company needs a good business plan in order to achieve longterm success.

Where Businessman Perry Mandera Looks To For Inspiration

Perry Mandera is a businessman who has been in the trucking and shipping sector for 42 years. He owns a company, The Custom Companies, Inc., which is based in the state of Illinois. His company delivers packages for businesses in the state as well as the rest of the nation.

Before embarking on this career Perry Mandera had served in the Marines for four years. He signed up right out of high school, accomplishing one of his earliest dreams. He says when he served he was responsible for transporting other Marines and supplies to wherever they needed to be. It was in this position that he learned how to be a leader, drive a big truck, and see for himself how shipping can affect a lot of things. He said he really enjoyed the camaraderie of being with other Marines during this phase of his life and he looks back on fondly.

A few years after being back in civilian life Perry Mandera decided to run for political office. He served the 26th ward of Chicago for four years as their Republican Ward Committeeman. He says he worked hard to improve the city during this time of public service. At the time he had just sold his first trucking company and was gearing up start The Custom Companies.

Perry Mandera is a big believer in being charitable with both his time and money. He donates to causes that help the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. He has also helped out during times of natural disasters such as when Hurricane Katrina walloped Louisiana. He says of particular importance to him is helping children and other veterans of the military services. In addition to giving money he also provides material items such as food and clothing.

In order to achieve all he can professionally Perry Mandera enjoys going to conferences with motivational speakers. He feels they can help people unlock their potential and achieve a lot more professionally. He says in addition to being inspired by their words he also uses his religion as a guide for how he should make decisions both in his business and personal lives.


Christopher Linkas: Article Recap on Investing

This will give information around Christopher Linkas. An article will be recapped from “Releasefact” called “Investment Expert”, Christopher Linkas, “Offers Millennials Crucial Investment Tips” by Brian Harris. Linkas has the role of a financial expert with a fascinating history. Chris has taken charge of a European credit group consisting of twenty people. It specializes in important investments of opportunistic nature. He has great investment knowledge. This gives him a good cause helping others about positive things investing brings. Linkas thinks many young professionals and college students delay time in investing our money into the stock market. He also finds it crucial that people in their twenties should consider investing the money they have. They should do it even in their requirement to pay back their loans or any monetary condition they may have.


There are some important tips that explain the importance of investing into the stock market. One of them is “Risk Involves Volatility”. In the mind of Chris, the age of a person is a determination of the allowable level of risk taking located in the portfolio of investment. Also, people who are younger might want extended risk. However, it should be noted too much risk could lead to the end of the portfolio. Though it’s true volatility can be more tolerable when an investor is at a young age, it’s not going to make any mistake with the loss of a seventy percent loss of an investment portfolio of night because of a pick of a bad stock.


Another tip is to “Learn from Mistakes”. Linkas believes that an investor of a young age should take advantage of time to be educated on the big picture of investing. Also, it should be put in someone’s mind that mistakes are made from the best investors. It is also important to not that not everyone is the same. They all have different qualities. Everyone needs to uncover a personal investment strategy. An advantage of investing in mutual funds and riskier stocks at a young age is that the individual has enough time to recover any losses.

Graham Edwards Steers Telereal Trillium to One of the Property Management Market Leaders in UK

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium. The company became a market leader under the leadership of Graham Edwards. He was appointed to head the organization in 2001. Telereal deals in outsourcing property and in investment. Mr. Graham Edwards was at the center of the negotiations that led to the successful acquisition of Trillium. The deal resulted in earnings exceeding 1 billion pounds annually.


Graham Edwards; His Education and Career path


He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he studied Economics. Mr. Graham Edwards also served as a fund manager with Merrill Lynch Investment. He is a well-known philanthropist and investor. Graham Edwards has interests in a broad range of investment areas including mining, development of software, real estate among others. Graham Edwards has been noted to actively contribute to the development of his community ventures, even as he serves as the Chief Executive at Telereal. He serves communities both materially and service-wise. He is currently a member of One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University, Portland Trust among others. He is a member of the Society of Investment Professionals in the UK and a fellow at of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors in the UK.


Telereal to Trillium, and its Specialties


It was started in 1997 under the Department for Works and Pension. It was a brainchild and venture that involved William pears Ltd in an equal stakes arrangement. The company by the name Telereal Trillium was launched in 2009 following the successful purchase of Trillium. Data shows that 1% of the workforce in the UK is under a Telereal Trillium housing arrangement. The organization manages properties for many government and private agencies including properties of the Department for Works. It is one of UK’s leading property management firms. With a portfolio in excess of 6 billion pounds, Telereal Trillium manages over 8, 000 properties. So far the organization offers a range of services apart from the core property management and investment services. The company also specializes in risk management and cost reduction in business operations. It has its headquarters in Central London. Graham Edwards is proud to be at the helm of an organization that’s growing from better to best.


Some Career Choice with Dr. Jorge Moll.

According to statistics, a significant number of people spend most of their lives in their careers. As some scholars have said, the choice of a career is important, it is always advisable to consider pursuing a career that one has a passion for. Failure to do so can result in a life full of misery. Making a career choice is often a hard decision for many people. Some people seek professional counseling when making that choice, in schools, the tutors are actively involved in advising the learners on how to choose a good career. Apparently, some of the most prominent individuals also found it hard to make a career choice. Some of the most common sources of inspiration include close friends of family members.


Dr. Jorge Moll is a renowned neurologist in Brazil, he excelled in his education from a recognized federal University where he specialized in neurology. From the institution, he gained his skills and has since used them for years to help his patients. He has been continuously doing research on various issues in his area of expertise to try and solve some of the problems the patients face. The research is an indication of his passion to help other people in need of his skills and expertise. Apart from his career, he has displayed exemplary skills in his work and that led to his appointment to lead internationally recognized bodies in his line of work.


According to Dr. Jorge Moll, people should have a vision and let their passion be their guide to success. Like many other scholars, he believes that people who follow their passion are likely to be more successful as they are likely to give their best in their work. According to him, people miss out on great opportunities due to their failure to act accordingly and on time. Some people are blinded by the fear of failure after pursuing their dreams. Dr. Jorge Moll believes in consultations and effective communication to key stakeholders as key to the success of any firm. He is always involved in consultative meetings to discuss any challenges in achieving the set objectives and possible remedies.