Some Career Choice with Dr. Jorge Moll.

According to statistics, a significant number of people spend most of their lives in their careers. As some scholars have said, the choice of a career is important, it is always advisable to consider pursuing a career that one has a passion for. Failure to do so can result in a life full of misery. Making a career choice is often a hard decision for many people. Some people seek professional counseling when making that choice, in schools, the tutors are actively involved in advising the learners on how to choose a good career. Apparently, some of the most prominent individuals also found it hard to make a career choice. Some of the most common sources of inspiration include close friends of family members.


Dr. Jorge Moll is a renowned neurologist in Brazil, he excelled in his education from a recognized federal University where he specialized in neurology. From the institution, he gained his skills and has since used them for years to help his patients. He has been continuously doing research on various issues in his area of expertise to try and solve some of the problems the patients face. The research is an indication of his passion to help other people in need of his skills and expertise. Apart from his career, he has displayed exemplary skills in his work and that led to his appointment to lead internationally recognized bodies in his line of work.


According to Dr. Jorge Moll, people should have a vision and let their passion be their guide to success. Like many other scholars, he believes that people who follow their passion are likely to be more successful as they are likely to give their best in their work. According to him, people miss out on great opportunities due to their failure to act accordingly and on time. Some people are blinded by the fear of failure after pursuing their dreams. Dr. Jorge Moll believes in consultations and effective communication to key stakeholders as key to the success of any firm. He is always involved in consultative meetings to discuss any challenges in achieving the set objectives and possible remedies.

Lee May, the “Engineer” behind the Big Red Machine

Lee Mays is a Hall of Famer and has played for multiple baseball teams including; The Cincinnati Reds, the Baltimore Orioles, Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals. However, he isn’t regarded as one of the great baseball players. Nevertheless, concerning Cincinnati Red history, he unquestionably was an engineer behind the creation of what Cincinnati fans remember as the “Big Red Machine.” So does Lee Mays get enough credit? You see Lee Mays was a 6 ft 3 205 pounds first baseman who could hit and run with the best of them. He was an outstanding individual baseball player and helped lead the Red’s to the Playoffs in 1970 before falling to the Orioles. But during 1971 the Cincinnati Reds struggled as a team and finished 79-83. Because of this, the team decided to go a different route, and Lee Mays was a part of it. He was pivotal in a trade that brought Joe Morgan along with other players to the team. You see the very definition of an engineer is a person who designs, built or maintains machines. Lee Mays was that. Upon learning of his induction into the Reds Hall of Fame, Mays was elated and relieved. He stated that he’ll “always be a Red at heart because that’s where I got my beginning.” Mays first major league ball game was as a Cincinnati Red. His first World Series was also as a Cincinnati Red. He continued stating, “I’ve got a lot of good memories, and I have a lot of good friends that I met when I played in Cincinnati. It’s a fun town to play in.” So while the era of the Big Red Machine will forever go down in Red’s history; It’s important that baseball enthusiast never forget the man who spearheaded the movement, Lee Mays.

Revealed: The Cure for Aging is Found-Dr Johanan Rand

Dr. Johanan Rand is having a breakthrough by helping aged people relive their youth. He co-founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centres to help people fight aging. The centres provide anti-aging therapies, regenerative medical treatment, and programs to help lose weight.


The bad and the good hormones


According to Dr. Johanan Rand, human beings have good and bad hormones. The good hormones are the estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and the human growth hormone. The bad hormones are Insulin and cortisol.


As people grow old; the bad hormones increase over the right hormones. The bad hormones increase fat accumulation and weight gain causing weight-related problems. The good hormones are in plenty in your youth, and they reduce as you age.


How Does Dr. Rand Treat the Aging?


The medical world has many synthetic hormones that are harmful to your health. Dr. Johanan Rand does not flood your body system with synthetic hormones. Instead, he invented the ‘bioidentical hormone’ which has chemicals identical to the body hormones. They are safe and effective.


Bioidentical hormones increase energy in your body, the stamina, and reduce cancer and cholesterol levels. Apart from the Bioidentical hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand emphasis implementation of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and a balanced diet.


Age-related Conditions that Dr. Johanan Rand Treats


Erectile Disorder


The level of testosterone hormone reduces with age. Men feel anxious and depressed when this happens. Dr. Rand solves the problem by introducing hormone replacement therapy and psychological counselling.


Weight Loss


Dr. Johanan Rand introduced an HCG diet supplement that contains a hormone that prevents the muscles from degenerating. The diet has a low calorie, and it does not increase weight, it also works by suppressing appetite so that you won’t eat a lot or often.




Hormonal therapy that Dr. Johanan Rand invented restores the natural balance of hormones in the body. He conducts the tests and evaluations to determine the level of vitamins, minerals, and hormones before he psychoeducation and treats you with the hormones. The Bioidenticals hormone does not make you young by removing wrinkles. It reduces the diseases that come with old age and increases the youthful feeling.

Stansberry Research Explores the Boom and Bust Nature of Commodity Markets

According to Stansberry, commodities, whether they are stocks or actual goods go through a cyclic market life. The financial advice publisher says that commodities are an important part of allocating assets. If they are purchased in a timely fashion, they offer an opportunity to invest in segments that fall outside the traditional classes of assets that everyone knows and everyone is likely to run for. Some of the common classes include real estate, stocks, and bonds.


The Boom and Bust Law


According to the financial advising subscription agency, Stansberry Research, it is important to understand that commodities go through a cycle. Ordinarily, they pass through a boom season which is followed by a bust; as a rule. The cycle also moves in the opposite direction. In other words, they can manifest poor prospects before they flourish on the markets. So, why do commodities behave that way? Well, the reasons are as old as the markets themselves. Forces of supply and demand control resource markets. When the two fall out of rhythm, the markets automatically correct the anomaly after a short while. Thus, if supply falls when there is demand, the price of such commodities rises. Such high prices trigger an influx of new capital in the markets looking to cash in on the boom. The rise in prices also encourages producers to up their game and increase their production so as to also cash in on the boom. Consequently, supply rises again, and the prices fall.


What you need to Know about Stansberry Research


Stansberry Research is a subscription-based financial advice and software publisher with long-standing experience with client needs. The company says that it has an unwavering focus on satisfying the needs of their clients. They say that they only offer advice that they would wish to be given if the roles were changed. The organization offers financial advisory services to millions of subscribers from across the globe. They also insist on transparency. They provide a review at the end of the year of the advice they offer customers. Stansberry offers customized advice that takes into consideration your individual market circumstances. The organization already has over 500 000 subscribers across the globe.

Discover How OSI Group Has Attained Incredible Global Presence

Buying food products from a supermarket is something most people consider a hobby. Buying food products such as sausages and other proteins is an exciting activity for some people. One amazing thing is that very few people think about the origin of the food products they buy. Others don’t even care where the food they are eating or buying at a restaurant may have come from. Most people don’t have the courage to ask those selling these food products about the composition and origin of their ingredients. They feel it’s rude to do so while it’s important. OSI Group is one of the food production companies that supply quality food products in most supermarkets and restaurants.

Most people have ventured into the food production industry because it has become very profitable. It’s a good thing to know the company that processes the food products you often consume. Some people specify to the restaurant waiters and supermarket attendants they want to buy food products from OSI. You need to know many other institutions are in this competitive food processing industry. However, you should be careful to know the company from which the food products you buy come from. OSI Group has a great name and most people know this.

OSI Group is not only competitive but also one of the respected institutions in the world today. This company has conquered the global market through its quality and affordable products. Although OSI is based in Illinois, its food products have spread across the world. Besides offering quality food products, this company also offers millions of people job opportunities. You won’t miss food products from this company in most of the leading hotels and restaurants across the world. Today, the company has spread its products to Europe and China among other countries.

One secret that makes this group show incredible growth is its ability to focus on talent pool, cultural nuances, and government regulations. The company also highly considers the taste buds of the consumers. The company has been in China for about 20 years now, and its presence and economy have continued to grow. In addition to the eight factories the company has in China, two new factories are underway. It aims at being a mega-plant, and the largest poultry producer in this country. Prominent personalities have served as competent and experienced directors in this company. The group is the best meat product producer with more than 20,000 employees.

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Roberto Santiago Takes His Right Place at Top of Brazilian Commercial Real Estate Environment

Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago know he is doing some great things in the world of commercial real estate, and people are really taking notice of the vast amount of improvements that he has made when it comes to real estate. People are taking a look at all the possibilities that exist when it comes to building a real estate environment where people are going to enjoy the environment. That is one of the hardest things to do.


Roberto Santiago has put his time into the revitalization in the mall that he originally created several decades ago. He has continued to be a strong tower when it comes to making shopping is high priority in Latin American communities.


A wide range of tourists are just in Latin America are starting to get familiar with Brazil are going to be highly impressed with the type of shopping environment that Roberto Santiago has created. He has worked in different positions outside real estate prior to this mall, but this may easily be his greatest achievements when it comes to his career. The thing that has really made people take notice of Roberto Santiago is the assortment of places inside this mall. This is the shopping center with abundant food choices and a bountiful number of hangout spots. His vision also included an amusement park and a concert hall. All of this equates to a boundless amount of revenue that can be generated. The reason for this is that people that come to this mall literally do not have to go anywhere else. They do not have to go anywhere else. All of their shopping needs can be taken care of the mall environment.


The best thing about the Manaira Mall for Santiago is the establishment of credibility. He is planning to make more big real estate developments, and it becomes much easier for him to get the green light in other areas. There is no doubt about the type of work that he can do when it comes to real estate because he has proven that he has an eye for ideas that can generate revenue.


When a mall of this magnitude is being built it sparks a whole change of other things. That is why it is good for the economy. More developers come in and build hotels nears this mall. Others may have restaurants in close vicinity or inside of the food court here. There are so many opportunities that exist when a mall such as thing comes into the picture. In other words, the vision that Roberto Santiago created for this mall would be beneficial to so many other aspects of Brazilian economy. That is why his determination to build was so important.


Health Tech Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Heading into Digital Healthcare

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian has been working in the business sector for a few decades and has established and co-founded a dozen businesses along the way. He is also an angel investor and an active philanthropist in funding youth development and environmental causes.



Mr. Ara Chackerian works in health tech and is currently focusing on his latest business, the TMS Health Solutions. He is a managing partner at the business. TMS Health Solutions was established several years ago after Ara Chackerian and his business partner received a suggestion to look into the outpatient psychiatric field. The proposal emphasized on the transcranial magnetic stimulation which was a very new concept at the time. The procedure was used to help patients with treatment-resistant depression, but it was not widely known, and it was difficult to find where to have such treatment. That inspired Mr. Ara Chackerian and his business partner to add transcranial magnetic stimulation to the services provided by the TMS Health Solutions.



Over the years, Chackerian has worked in health tech and has been a part of the rise of companies such as the Pipeline RX, Embion, BMC Diagnostics, Mint Medical Education, and several others. His work is mainly based in the city of San Francisco.



In the future, the health tech entrepreneur is aiming at exploring one of the rising trends in the field, digital healthcare. Digital assistance and telemedicine is something that profoundly excites Mr. Ara Chacerian. He sees incredible value and potential in that sphere that can considerably contribute to the healthcare system and transform daily healthcare and enhance it. You can visit to see more.




An example of digital healthcare is a mobile app that tracks the behavioral changes in a person. Users can input their moods and feelings along with other information on a daily basis. That app, in turn, uses an algorithm to calculate and analyze whether the person is experiencing deterioration or improvement in their mental health or slipping into a state of depression or coming out of one.



Such types of apps in digital healthcare provide daily support for people, and many have emerged that connect users with licensed experts as well. For more info you can check out their twitter account.



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Jeunesse Global breaks ground with NV foundation and bronzer

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, neither one had any idea how fast and how high their new company would rise. Within just a few years, the firm that had started life next to the lawn tractor in the couple’s Florida garage had grown into an international player on the health and beauty scene. Today, Jeunesse Global ranks among the most impressive global distributors of health and beauty products as well as the source of some of the most astonishing innovations in consumer beauty products of the last few decades.

Taking a close look at who Ray and Lewis are, however, it becomes somewhat less surprising that the couple was able to pull off such a jaw-dropping feat of business prowess. Both Ray and Lewis had long been known among direct-selling circles as living legends. They had grown a large number of successful businesses and had acquired a fortune by the time they founded Jeunesse.

They leveraged their expertise to create what would become the most innovative and fastest-growing health and beauty company in the world. Through it all, the real secret behind the Jeunesse success story has been the company’s great products. With an almost uncanny ability to spot market niches that have been left unaddressed by the biggest players in the industry, Wendy Lewis was able to quickly develop a product lineup that consumers couldn’t be without.

One example is the company’s foundation and bronzer. Known as NV, the foundation is able to go toe-to-toe with any of the top brands on the market. It provides a uniform and beautiful foundation upon which to apply makeup. Many users are so thrilled with the way NV makes them look that they opt not to use makeup at all.

But where the product really shines is in its anti-aging properties. Containing the company’s patented anti-aging molecule, APT-200, NV is able to sharply reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. It is also able to restore elasticity to the skin that has naturally been lost with age. Additionally, NV gives users’ faces a youthful, radiant glow that only Jeunesse Global products can deliver.

William Saito Guides Opportunities for Start Ups During Financial Decline

In a St. Gallen Symposium interview conducted in early 2010, William Saito, founder of I/O Software Inc was asked a series of questions regarding the potential impact of start-up companies during global economic decline.

Mr. Saito, who is an adviser for start-ups at the National Institutes of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan suggested that during challenging economic times grants start-ups the opportunity to create an innovative business model that can help influence the direction of the business within the global economy. Barriers to entry for start-ups adhere to more stringent constraints during economic worry, comparatively to industry bubbles because the capital to grow the start-up is allotted to business owners with more caution. Acknowledging his success during the tech bubble of the late 1990s early 2000, Mr. Saito suggests that budget management will assist start-up companies to prevent and prepare for economic headwinds which blocks the business from successfully propelling out of an incubation stage and into an acceptable production for consumer benefit.


Although start-up companies confront the challenges of not meeting expectations from private shareholders, the chance of eliminating the project in its entirety is extremely low, Mr. Saito advised. Staying with the course of budgetary matters makes the start-up company more efficient. Therefore when the economic times does experience growth, the opportunity to use invested money towards the business projected growth slightly loosens the spending caution without excessive worry to met budgetary deadlines.

To summarize Mr. Saito’s comparative analysis between Japanese and United States business start-up processes, says that in Japan business start-up managers do not give themselves room to fail. Failing is not part of the growth process therefore ensuring the business test model will fulfill its promise is very crucial. In America, failure is the “springboard to success” and is encouraged when a company does so. Inferring from his thoughts, I believe he is saying that America’s start-ups give leeway on an unsuccessful startup by providing the opportunity to fold, correct the errors in the business model, and proceed again with a stronger strategy. Utilizing this flexibility to a startups advantage could possibly give reluctant investors a sold reason on why they should invest.



Mt. Saito’s knowledge towards taking opportunity during the economic downtrends provides a vote of confidence for the entrepreneurial spirit. Where there is a crisis lies opportunity. Acknowledging what sector and/or industry could utilize your business model to slow down, if not prevent, consumer costs during an economic spiral is a promising way to have your business grow exponentially.

NGP VAN, the Ultimate Method of Planning a Political Fundraiser

When it comes to the political world, there is nothing as time-consuming as planning a political campaign. They are expensive and time-consuming. It requires strategy and coordination that one man cannot achieve on their own. However, if a political candidate receives funds and has a team then his/ her political campaign becomes a success. Fundraising events produce plenty of data that is time-consuming and often than not difficult to analyze. The information campaign teams have can be damaging to the campaign in the end if not handled appropriately.

NGP VAN is an organization that helps campaign teams and managers handle the data they obtain during campaigns and fundraiser events. They assist their clients to win by designing integrated campaign technology. The technology enables campaign teams to use the data they collect and implement them in their campaign strategies. NGP VAN provides a financial relief for political candidates since they can safely use technology to monitor their campaigns. Over the past election years, Federal Election Commission reports that on average winning candidates spend approximately $1.5 million on campaigns.

The use of technology helps candidates to manage their campaigns easily and without too much expense. Using NGP, campaign managers are able to create and organize the data and information they collect. The organization of data is possible with the help of charts, graphs, and online dashboards. A majority of the Democrats campaigns including Barak Obama’s fundraising, compliance, and voter campaigns used the NGP VAN software. The software makes it possible for campaigns to obtain funds using digital fundraising platforms.



The software also helps campaign teams bring individual donors as part of the fundraising team. Using platforms like NGP with other tools like SMS, email, and social media, helps make work easier when it comes to fundraiser campaigns. Such digital platforms give the campaign team the opportunity to consolidate all online donations. It also makes it easy for individual donors to contribute a small amount regularly throughout the campaign period. By consolidating the list of online sponsors, the campaign team can send out messages and reach many people.


The technology, in turn, allows the donors to monitor their donations. The technology helps in fighting the notion that political fundraisers are a charity collection platform. This notion makes it difficult for the candidates, volunteers, and staff to ask for money. Instead, using this technology helps to emphasize that contributing in a political fundraiser is not a philanthropic act.