Christopher Linkas: Article Recap on Investing

This will give information around Christopher Linkas. An article will be recapped from “Releasefact” called “Investment Expert”, Christopher Linkas, “Offers Millennials Crucial Investment Tips” by Brian Harris. Linkas has the role of a financial expert with a fascinating history. Chris has taken charge of a European credit group consisting of twenty people. It specializes in important investments of opportunistic nature. He has great investment knowledge. This gives him a good cause helping others about positive things investing brings. Linkas thinks many young professionals and college students delay time in investing our money into the stock market. He also finds it crucial that people in their twenties should consider investing the money they have. They should do it even in their requirement to pay back their loans or any monetary condition they may have.


There are some important tips that explain the importance of investing into the stock market. One of them is “Risk Involves Volatility”. In the mind of Chris, the age of a person is a determination of the allowable level of risk taking located in the portfolio of investment. Also, people who are younger might want extended risk. However, it should be noted too much risk could lead to the end of the portfolio. Though it’s true volatility can be more tolerable when an investor is at a young age, it’s not going to make any mistake with the loss of a seventy percent loss of an investment portfolio of night because of a pick of a bad stock.


Another tip is to “Learn from Mistakes”. Linkas believes that an investor of a young age should take advantage of time to be educated on the big picture of investing. Also, it should be put in someone’s mind that mistakes are made from the best investors. It is also important to not that not everyone is the same. They all have different qualities. Everyone needs to uncover a personal investment strategy. An advantage of investing in mutual funds and riskier stocks at a young age is that the individual has enough time to recover any losses.