Talk Fusion Offers Huge Incentive Plan to Associates.

Behind the work of CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has managed to establish itself as one of the premier marketing and video solutions companies in the world. Reina has long cultivated a business plan that is focused on the future, pushing associates and customers toward their ultimate goals. Recently Talk Fusion was in the news thanks to the launching of their new employee incentive plan. The employee incentive plan, which is being put in place in November of 2016 will offer a luxury vacation to Milan, Italy for present and future associates who build their business in a big way.


The name of the vacation incentive is called ‘Destination Milan’ and it will be fulfilled by December of 2017, giving associates a complete year to focus on building up their business. The reason that Milan was chosen was simple: it serves as a cultural hub filled with high end food, shopping, and rich sightseeing history. Talk Fusion is offering to pay the tab for flight and first class hotel bookings for the qualified associates and their families. This is a huge incentive for associates that need that little extra motivation.


Talk Fusion has long offered their associates quality incentives to push the work ethic of their employees. Talk Fusion also offers incentives along the lines of Rolex watches, jewelry, high end vacations to Maui, Tampa, Florida, and Dubai, and even a paid off Mercedes-Benz. Interested parties can join Talk Fusion’s team to compete in the World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan. This plan will be available in over 140 different countries. Training & Development VP Allison Roberts commented on these incentives by saying, “People dream of being financially free, of spending more free time with their families, and of traveling to new destinations.”


While Talk Fusion has made the news for their multiple incentive trips they are far more than just a reward only system. Talk Fusion has been capably guided by CEO Bob Reina for almost a decade now. Reina has focused on giving his customers the opportunity to market themselves via video solutions, online networking, and even more.