Bob Reina: It’s Bigger Than Him

Bob Reina is smart enough to know that when it comes to Talk Fusion, it is bigger than him. Here is the thing to remember: that fact does not bother him. At the end of the day, he is happy with that fact. He is one of those rare CEO’s that is not selfish and is not a glory hound. He is all about the company, at the end of the day. He might do interviews on behalf of the company and he will share some tricks of the trade, but more than anything, he wants to raise awareness about Talk Fusion, so others can see how it can transform their lives.

Bob Reina knows that when he talks, people are listening to him because they know the success the company has had and they know he is the man behind it. He founded and created the company back in 2007. It is truly hard to believe how much time flies, but when a company is having as much fun as Talk Fusion is, it is gone before you know it. However, the exciting thing is what is around the corner for Talk Fusion and what the team is working on at the moment.

They have won awards in the past such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is an award that means a lot to the team over at Talk Fusion. They have put in a lot of hours and manpower to achieve that award. That award is given out to the company that is constantly changing, evolving, and coming up with new ways to improve the product. That sure sounds like Talk Fusion, doesn’t it? Bob Reina wouldn’t have it any other way. Again, though, he is using his power and his status for something bigger than him. He always wants the message to be about Talk Fusion and what they are doing as a company. Learn more:

The only time he will put the spotlight on himself is when he makes a donation because he is hoping other CEO’s will do the same.


Dr. Saad’s Two Major Medical Inventions That Will Transform the Medical Field in Surgery

Dr. Saad is a well-known medical pediatric surgeon with numerous engagements in surgical operations throughout his career. The entire dream began as a physician, where Dr. Saad had always wished for improved methods and procedures. Dr. Saad consistently challenged himself to invent ways that can minimize risk and pain that his patients faced. Following this, Dr. Saad has patent for two inventions and is continually developing other pediatric procedures. All this time, 40 years, he has done several complex pediatric surgeries to all kinds of patients. Dr. Saad community is based in United States. However, he has not been limited to work there since he has helped children and young adults in other continents and countries like Holyland, Four Missions in US, and eight Medical Missions located in Jerusalem. Dr. Saad has also handled free complex surgeries for poor children in the West Bank. He has invented two devices and holds the patents for both inventions.


One of Dr. Saad’s invention is the catheter that has integral electromagnetic location identification device. Talking of medical catheters, these tubes serve some functions and more specifically during the surgical procedures. They are inserted into the body to treat a medical condition and in other cases may be used to aid surgical operations. They are used to deliver some fluids or surgical instruments depending on their specifications. In some other cases, they can be left in the body either permanently or for a short time. Important to note is that for the catheter to be in the right position in the body, there must be a surgeon who can track its position. This is why during such times there were x-rays done to see its location. According to Dr. Saad, this is a hectic and a risky method since one gets exposure to some infections and radiation doses. To overcome this challenge, Dr. Saad invented the device that helps in locating the catheter without any need for a machine scan in the body of the patient. It works like a detector and allows the patient to be free from X-rays and any MRI scans in locating the catheter. The other advantage to this is that it is portable and small. Hence, doctors can use it in any emergency rooms.


The next invention was on the methods and the apparatus that provide suction and irrigation in a rigid endoscope, and still, maintain the visual contact to the area targeted through an endoscope. It intends to improve the usage of the endoscopes in the medical fraternity. These are optical devices that examine the body of the patient during a surgery. Some of the areas include the throat, bladder, stomach, and colon among others. According to Dr. Saad, the invented device would aid suction of these fluids without obstructing the view by the doctor. For more information, click here. Learn more:

NuODB Uses SQL Database to Enhance Efficiency in Businesses

NuoDB was founded by Barry s. Morris and Jim Starkey in 2008. Jim Starkey is the current Chief Executive Officer, and the company has its head offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB has used SQL database for its cloud operations hence forming the basis of most of its technological advances.

The SQL database helps in speeding up internet connections for its clients for the ease of accessing the services offered by NuoDB. Some of the services include marketing and advertising of products by various entrepreneurs, business transactions for banks who have incorporated technology into their systems and many others.

NuoDB has helped in simplifying many business operations using their cloud applications hence many investors have resolved to this fast and reliable tool. The company is committed to excellence and quicker connections to deliver quality services to its clients.

SQL database is, therefore, the best option to consider while thinking of running an online business. Many businesses have earned great profits with the help of SQL cloud database considering the less time spent when handling a business operation or even when doing a transaction. This makes the traditional databases a foregone tale.

NuoDB, therefore, is the solution to any business person who wants faster, reliable and secure cloud operation.

Neurocore’s way of managing depression

In the United States, depression has become the most common mental illness, especially in adults. The reason why the percentage of the affected people continue to increase is that very few people find it necessary to seek help when they feel depressed. Consequently, about 67 adults in every 1000 adults end up suffering its effects every year. Depression happens to anybody regardless of their gender and age. However, it is common in adults especially women. Depression can be treated to the point of experiencing full remission if the depressed take a step of seeking help.

Many factors are contributing to depression. The most common reasons for depression are always personal and relating to the depressed person. Most people suffer depression when they had had a stressful event in their life. For instance, an individual may have undergone some financial constraints or unemployment and end up getting depressed in the process of seeking a solution. The death of a close person, divorce or abuse can also make a person depressed. Most of the issues mainly disturb adults, and that is one reason why depression is common in adults than in young people. Some researchers have also identified family history as a factor that can determine the likelihood of a person getting depressed.

Depression is always accompanied by several disorders including Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum depression, and Major Depressive disorder. The latter is characterized by reduced self-esteem and continuous sadness that is not escapable. Postpartum disorder starts after childbirth with less persisting symptoms compared to Persistent Depressive which may last for two years or more, with its symptoms present every day.

Neurocore is a company that majors in the treatment of psychological and neurological disorders through the use of auditory and visual feedback methods such as biofeedback. Through this program, Neurocore monitors the brain using a movie that trains the brain to function more efficiently and better.

The play is done through positive reinforcement and repetition which pauses momentarily when the brainwaves are not in the balance and plays again when they are back. The monitoring of the brainwaves is done by qEEG sensors that are placed on the scalp. Through this, depression is minimized in the patient’s brain.

Agora Financial, Keep Calm and Start Earning

With the current state of affairs going on the in the world today there has never been a better time to make sure your money is safe and invested properly. Whether its terrorism, cyber-attacks, crashing world markets or unstable world leaders you have to ensure you are prepared for any scenario. The people at Agora Financial are here to help. If you are concerned about being able to provide for your family, put your kids through college, or have that nest egg tucked away when it’s time to retire Agora Financial have the right people in place to give you the best information available.

Being able to trust an investment manager or financial advisor is always a risk because a lot of times they are only concerned about their bottom line and commissions. The research performed at Agora Financial is 100% unbiased because they don’t accept money or bribes from companies or investors. That means you are getting the accurate information you need to make a sound judgement. Building wealth and managing money is what Agora Financial is all about and with over 20 publications dealing with a variety of topics from wealth protection to secrets of generating revenue you will always have what you need at your fingertips.

Agora Financial became an LLC in 2004 and still provides one of the first free financial e-letters. Through the years they have been recognized by their BOLD and usually correct predictions about the markets, and economic forecasts.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Agora Financial and get started earning for your future.

For more information follow Agora Financial on Facebook and check out their YouTube channel.

Higher Earnings And Higher Returns

When Capital Management Can’t Be Done By Another

It’s never advisable to downplay the importance of having a special area of expertise of which your competitors do not have. This is especially true when the world of finance deals with what is truly the life line of society. Money is important, and the more of it any person has the more leverage they have.

Hopefully a fulfilling life will follow, but that’s beside the point. What we need to realize is that finding success in investments is not an easy task. Which means that you need someone reliable to manage the funds you’ve available to invest. Without that kind of help, most individuals are clueless and lose fortunes.

They believe it can be a task for a single person, but this simply isn’t true. Because of this sensitivity in investing, the work shouldn’t be done by people not qualified. Among such names ready to improve a portfolio is Highland Capital Management. Relying on this agency has opened the doors for many investors to enter in and onto prosperity.

– A Work Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

But you might now wonder how Highland Capital Management achieves such an outstanding track record. The secret is really no secret at all. This agency works around the clock to achieve its objectives. Those expectations are often in order to provide the best possible opportunity for the firm’s clients.

These clients are a form of investors who simply use Highland as a middle man. This is because of the wealth of knowledge and access to resources that pro-level agencies provide within their labor. This is the only type of service that clients at this caliber are interested in. So it’s no surprise that Highland Capital can also offer it.

But this agency has something else working in their favor.

Because of their location, they started off with very little competition.

– Location, Location and Location

Operating out of Dallas may not seem like a substantial issue. But when you factor in that most agency are from and in New York City, then the picture here may start to come together.

Cassio Audi Uses His Talent To Help Others

Technology has impacted almost every area of the business world. The use of technology has forever changed the way the business world operates. Technology has transition from being a part of the business world to becoming a core element of the business world. Technology innovations over the past few decades are major reasons why technology has become vital to the operations of the business world.

Some of the technology innovations that have occurred in recent memory have allowed the world to move from a paper world to a digital world. The use of the Internet and various aspects of the Internet such as ecommerce and multi media have made the Internet tremendously popular. One of the areas of the business world where technology has changed the very way that things are done is the financial industry. In this industry, things such as the stock market have benefited greatly from the use of technology.

Real time data and information related to the stock market is available for many people to see at any given time. People can view stock markets in new ways because of technology innovations that have introduced technology devices such as tablets. Also, investment professionals are now able to do things in a matter of seconds that use to take hours. Technology has allowed investment professionals to do more with less over the past decade.


One of the investment professionals who has used technology to help him provide investment services is Cassio Audi. An investment professional who works in Brazil, Cassio Audi is an investment authority who gives people in Brazil a perspective of the stock market that is fresh and different. Cassio Audi is someone who has an opinion that is valued greatly in Brazil.

Cassio Audi is also valued in the music industry. He has accomplished more than many in the music industry. Cassio Audi is listed as a publisher of several known songs with a music group that he was a member of around 30 years ago.

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Doug Levitt Shares His Thoughts with The Greyhound Diaries

The Greyhound Diaries is about a young man who had grown up in Washington, DC and later spent seven years traveling across the United States by Greyhound bus. In his travels, he met many different people. Many of them shared their stories with him and he realized that, although there were many different backgrounds, most people made a common connection with each other by sharing their experiences and stories.


Doug Levitt was an aspiring correspondent for CNN, when he decided to take the journey on Greyhound. He claims that growing up in D.C. and attending public schools there, he was exposed to a lot of different kinds of people. He was good at observing people and seeing their differences and their similarities. He saw a lot of similarities between his experiences in D.C. and those on his Greyhound journey. He claims that the poverty and disparity people experienced were very similar in both settings.


Doug saw how the media was covering the sub-prime mortgage markets and realized that the country had some sub, sub-prime situations, where people could not even think about the possibility of owning a home. It seemed like the media and news sources missed a whole section of the U.S. population.


Doug thinks that there is a tendency, for people to become polarized, especially during an election year. However, when you are riding on the Greyhound, people become a lot closer to each other and less polarized or politicized. People seem to seek out common ground and relate more to each other. The Greyhound Diaries became a book in 2008 and is a show with pictures, stories and songs.