Enhanced Athlete Emerges Victorious in Legal Battle

The fitness company, Enhanced Athlete, has emerged victorious from a recent court battle over allegations that it had made false claims in its advertising campaign. The injunction came as part of a sweeping effort to reign in sports nutrition products as pharmaceutical-fitness conglomerates lose steam. Over 70 lawsuits have been filed by Nutrition Distribution against a whole host of fitness organizations as they attempt to retain their corner on the market. Nutrition Distribution’s claim is that as a leader in their industry, they have the exclusive right to sell and distribute products of a specific type, and assert that their brand has been harmed by the claims of other competing companies who make, distribute, and sell similar products.


Enhanced Athlete’s defense asserts that Nutrition Distribution is engaging in legal warfare against companies with whom they are in direct competition. They say Nutrition Distribution believes it can undermine the viability of its competitors by tying up their time and resources in court. Enhanced Athlete argues that there is no evidence Nutrition Distribution has suffered any damages due to their business practices and that they cannot show they are in danger of sustaining future damage for the same reason. A U.S. District Court of California has denied Nutrition Distribution’s injunction, clearing Enhanced Athlete of any and all alleged wrongdoing.


Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, released the following statement, “Enhanced Athlete is not going to fall victim to this shakedown scheme by Nutrition Distribution. As long as fitness companies like Enhanced Athlete pay these types of settlements, Nutrition Distribution will continue shaking down their competition.”


Enhanced Athlete is a full-service fitness company that markets products and services to the serious, dedicated athlete. Their primary customer base is the bodybuilding community. However, their products and services are designed to be well suited to athletes in any sport where power, speed, endurance, and nutrition play an important role. Enhanced Athlete’s sister companies, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, support and augment EA’s function as a full-service professional athlete’s go-to for any and all performance fitness needs.


In today’s exploding health and fitness industry, many reigning mega-corporations are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain a stranglehold on the market. But as manufacturing technology and information becomes ever more democratized- entities like EA gain an increasing ability to bring innovative new fitness solutions to market. And now, the bigger players have one less weapon in their legal arsenal with which to stop them.