Arthur Becker – Tech Mogul Turned Real Estate Developer

Arthur Becker has been known to invest in real estate projects for a long time. He has been the financial force behind the likes of renowned developers such as Robert Gladstone, Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern. However, he decided to do things differently this time round and become a developer himself rather than his usual backing. He has decided to put his name on the condominium project, which was proven by his move to file the plan with the New York’s attorney general. This development is expected to have a sellout value of 52.5 million dollars.

In an interview with the Real Deal in his studio, Mr Becker revealed that his move to purchase the property was to serve as a primer. His career began out in the construction industry and he later owned a macadamia orchard in Hawaii but later moved into the finance and Tech world where he made a name for himself and he also work in Madison Partners. He further revealed that the project n 465 Washington was going to be an artistic boutique building with its interiors being done by Paris Forino. He opted for this part of Tribeca because he felt like it was going to be something he would manage easily in terms of size.

Upon completion, 465 Washington will comprise of seven simplex apartment that will go for an asking price of five million dollars each and one penthouse duplex whose asking price will be 14 million dollars. Becker purchased the 465 Washington property in 2012 at 6.1 million dollars from one developer, Peter Moore who was facing a 4.7 million dollar foreclosure threat after he defaulted from his VCF partners’ loan.

Arthur Becker is believed to have made significant contributions in different projects around New York with a research claiming that he has invested more than 550 million dollars. However, no one knows for sure how much the Finance Mogul has really contributed. For more info visit his Crunchbase profile.

About Arthur Becker

This Tech Guru currently lives in New York where he was born. He has invested in different real estate projects. He has his hand in different other projects including art and finance. He has never been in business for popularity and taking up the 465 project was for learning a few things about the industry, more details can be found on his LinkedIn.

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