Samuel Strauch’s Mastermind Real Estate Endeavors

As the United States economy keeps improving after that mini-depression in 2008, now might be the perfect time to dedicate attention to the real estate industry. People such as Samuel Strauch have grasped this concept fairly quickly, thus earning a lot of money for themselves. He started his own company a decade and a half ago, and now it is one of the most prominent companies of its kind in Miami.


Samuel Strauch got a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business in 1994 from Hofstra University, as well as an Erasmus University Rotterdam’s International Finance and Marketing Degree. Ultimately, he also attended Harvard to further improve his knowledge in the field of business. He started his own company in 2002, and modernization enabled him to stay competitive and maintain high-quality business operations.

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Working Habbits

Strauch is a very team-oriented individual, and most of his accomplishments can be attributed to the great team. In order to stay calm and keep up with the flows of his business, this CEO utilizes does the meditation that helps him calm his nerves. The main character traits that this CEO promotes are an open mind, patience, and dedication. By having any combination of these three, one is on the right track to get a promotion and reach higher management position.

Personal Life

Samuel Strauch is a person whose family comes first. When asked where he might spend the best $100, he simply replied by “having a meal” with his family to create great memories. Also, Strauch does not forget to take time for himself. Every morning, five minutes are dedicated to doing an analysis of everything worked on in the last session, as well as to come up with daily goals and a way to complete those.

An Unsuccessful Start

When his career was just starting, he worked for a large management company where reports were his main duty. The businessman soon grew bored of the field and decided to get into real estate that was blooming in Miami, Florida. Nowadays, it seems obvious that his failure in the past with his post-college job did not affect his overall career.

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Business Mogul Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development, a real estate development company. Boraie Development has over the years changed the look of New Brunswick( with its marvelous projects. They offer service to a wide range of clients; those seeking retail space, office space, and even apartments. Its rejuvenation process also encompasses involvement with charitable organizations that improve human life.

Sam maintains that the company has long-term plans to continue transforming New Brunswick in the coming years. It is Sam’s duty to come up with new projects and strategies aiming at benefiting metropolitan regions and growing the company faster. Through his guidance, the company has expanded its projects to other parts such as Atlantic City and Newark. According to the NY Times, all these projects have brought in the sense of elation in New Jersey, attaining the goals of the project.

Philanthropic works by Sam Boraie

Despite being a full-time businessman, Sam dedicates his time, money and effort to charitable organizations. She sits on the advisory board of;

  • Elijah’s Promise

Elijah’s Promise is an organization aiming at reducing poverty levels by combating the unemployment issue. It provides people with food, creates job opportunities, as well as connecting individuals with employers. It believes in empowering the local community to fend for themselves. Sam uses his extensive knowledge of business to help them in planning.

  • The State Theatre

Boraie Development through July and August sponsored the Free Summer Movie Series including Frozen, Monster University, Despicable Me, and Aladdin. The State theater of New Jersey is a cultural landmark in the area, enabling students to appreciate fine arts.