End Citizens United Pushes To Eliminate Super PACS From Campaign Funding

The PAC group End Citizens United wants to eliminate a Supreme Court decision that gave rise to Super PACs. In 2010 the Supreme Court stated that it was not unconstitutional for a company to give money to political causes since this action was protected under the Constitution’s Free Speech clause.

End Citizens United doesn’t agree with this decision. End Citizens United see this type of freedom to be a very disturbing thing in the world of politics because it allows corporations to fund an unlimited amount of money without disclosing where the money is coming from.

This type of action is known as dark money contributions and dark money is simply donations that given through nonprofit organizations for social welfare and trade groups on actblue.com. Money from this type of source can be funded by corporations, individuals and unions. Once again, these funds do not have be disclosed and anyone can give as much as they desire without having to be identified.

End Citizens United is all about campaign finance reform. They want to ensure that campaign contributions are given in a fair and equitable manner. This organization on OpenSecrets.org wants to level the world of political campaigning to make it more balanced. They do not want just anyone giving money to a political candidate. This will open up too many problems and issues in the world of politics.

One of the biggest fears of End Citizens United is that political candidates will be able to receive funding from various resources that might not be legal. They also fear money being given to candidates through unethical or immoral means.

While there is no real way to guarantee that this will not happen; End Citizens United wants to eliminate the secrecy that Super PACs endorses. This is the first PAC of its kind since it focuses on campaign reform on Facebook. No other PAC has this type of agenda.

Keep in mind that End Citizens United does more than just try to change campaign finance laws they also back certain Democratic candidates for office. They have garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures to try and make these significant changes.