Some Career Choice with Dr. Jorge Moll.

According to statistics, a significant number of people spend most of their lives in their careers. As some scholars have said, the choice of a career is important, it is always advisable to consider pursuing a career that one has a passion for. Failure to do so can result in a life full of misery. Making a career choice is often a hard decision for many people. Some people seek professional counseling when making that choice, in schools, the tutors are actively involved in advising the learners on how to choose a good career. Apparently, some of the most prominent individuals also found it hard to make a career choice. Some of the most common sources of inspiration include close friends of family members.


Dr. Jorge Moll is a renowned neurologist in Brazil, he excelled in his education from a recognized federal University where he specialized in neurology. From the institution, he gained his skills and has since used them for years to help his patients. He has been continuously doing research on various issues in his area of expertise to try and solve some of the problems the patients face. The research is an indication of his passion to help other people in need of his skills and expertise. Apart from his career, he has displayed exemplary skills in his work and that led to his appointment to lead internationally recognized bodies in his line of work.


According to Dr. Jorge Moll, people should have a vision and let their passion be their guide to success. Like many other scholars, he believes that people who follow their passion are likely to be more successful as they are likely to give their best in their work. According to him, people miss out on great opportunities due to their failure to act accordingly and on time. Some people are blinded by the fear of failure after pursuing their dreams. Dr. Jorge Moll believes in consultations and effective communication to key stakeholders as key to the success of any firm. He is always involved in consultative meetings to discuss any challenges in achieving the set objectives and possible remedies.