Why Tall Thin People Aren’t The Ones Who Can Model, According to Brown Modelling Agency

Most people are familiar with the pop culture phenomenon that is known as America’s Next Top Model. The show was created and hosted for the majority of its seasons by supermodel Tyra Banks and follows a group young and largely inexperienced models as they jump through the hoops of various fashion-related challenges that are planned for them. Sometimes models that have appeared on America’s Next Top Model have had to deal with figuring out how to exude sophistication while posing with a large live tarantula on their wrists. Other models have had to pose underwater or even deal with the shock of posing nude. While the show is probably a dramatization of the fashion industry arguably it does get one thing right: new models need the guidance of an experienced fashion industry veteran to show them the ropes of the industry and give them the tools to succeed.

Aspiring models might find be tempted to run to the show’s next call for auditions. While it’s perfectly fine to audition for a show like America’s Next Top Model it is also important to note that there are other avenues to creating a career as a model in the fashion industry. A more reliable way of launching a fashion career would involve making a shortlist of local modeling and talent agencies and inquiring about how to land a contract with them. Modeling agencies like Brown agency in central Texas can offer aspiring models the guidance they need to create a career in fashion that they are proud of.

One of the great things about Brown Modeling agency is that the company appears to espouse an inclusive approach to the idea of what a model is. In a post on its site the agency addresses the notion that all models must be tall and thin. It points out that the industry often does require this from runway models but that the modeling industry is much larger than high fashion. There are also other areas of fashion such as “real life” campaigns which often call for real families where the currency of the candidates depends upon their authenticity. There is also what is known as commercial campaigns for television and print advertisements where the idea of a model regularly takes on a much broader definition.

According to Market Wired, Brown Modeling agency commercial modelling requires a much broader range of models because the brands and companies that hire them for ads are appealing to a wide variety of demographics. A commercial for a retirement home is trying to reach senior citizens and therefore a twentysomething blonde model who works in high fashion would not be the right fit. A commercial that is advertising nutritious produce to health conscious parents would likely prefer a middle aged model to play a mother and not a young model that might be cast in a Louis Vuitton campaign. Brown Modelling agency is able to provide services to a wide variety of models, whether they work in commercial modelling or high fashion, and help them reach their career goals.

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