Waiakea Water is Making Wellness, Philanthropic, & Ecosystem Dreams a Reality

Nothing about Waiakea Water is average. The water is derived from the snowmelt and rain that comes from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This community water source is one of the purest around. The volcanic rock serves as a filtration processor for the water. All 14,000 feet of this active volcano allows for a healthy supply of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium to become a part of the water naturally.

The incredible success of Waiakea reflects the above average way that the company operates- way above average. Waiakea experienced a 5,000% growth once the company hit the three year mark. This is mind-blowing, especially in an industry that’s been deemed as an ‘old boys club’ by the founder.

He established the Hawaiian volcanic bottled water company one year after graduating high school. So how did he do it? This massive success couldn’t have come about without a fresh perspective, and Ryan Emmons, Waiakea’s CEO certainly has one of the most clear views around when it comes to the bottled water industry.

According to Baby Boomster, He developed a brand that Waiakea water carries out to fruition. Focusing on wellness, sustainability, and charity, this is a company that is making a mark on the world in a major way. Their partnership with Pump Aid has allowed them to deliver over 500 million liters of clean drinking water to African villages where contaminated water is becoming more and more of a problem each year.

The mineral rich nature of the water, which hasn’t been tampered with by artificiality, provides customers with delicious tasting, incredibly hydrating water. Their sustainable processes are found at every level. PR News Wire says that even every bottle that is used by Waiakea water is made out of 100% recyclable materials.

Waiakea Springs has become so good at lightening the impact of their carbon footprint on the planet that they have become certified Carbon Neutral. Imagine, a world where all bottled water companies put more good into the world while lowering carbon emissions. With Waiakea on the leading of this, it may be a reality sooner than you think.

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