Robert Ivy: An Architect And A Role Model

Robert Ivy is the current vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He was appointed to become the head of the organization after the former CEO decided to leave his post in 2011. Being the new CEO of the organization, it is the role of Robert Ivy to ensure that all of the professionals working in the United States are in excellent condition, and he is also promoting the profession to the public, giving it a positive image. For Robert Ivy, architects are one of the most important professions in building a society. Without the architects, there would be no building projects across the country, and strong infrastructure would not be a possibility.

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Robert Ivy studied twice, taking up two degrees. The first one was a BA major in English, while the second one focuses on becoming an architect. After he finished school, he decided to work for a publishing company as editor in chief, and he is the man behind one of the most successful architectural journals that the world has ever seen. After his career with the publishing company, he decided to take another route on his career and focused on being one of the senior members of the American Institute of Architects. The organization that he is serving for has been around for hundreds of years, and the American Institute of Architects only chooses the best person to lead the organization. Robert Ivy is one of the most deserving candidates for the leadership position, and he was selected by the senior members of the organization to lead as the CEO.

As an architect, it is his task to ensure that the professionals working in the United States are not involved in any illicit behavior that could tarnish the profession’s reputation. He is also taking care of the architectural treasures that the country has, using all of the power given to him to preserve them. Because of his impressive stance on maintaining the positive reputation of his profession, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters decided to give him an award – the prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to those who have contributed a lot to the field of arts, and according to the judges, Robert Ivy deserved one because of his efforts in conserving the architectural heritage of the country. Robert Ivy is thankful with the award that he received and promised that he would continue his advocacy supporting the professionals in the country.

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