Vijay Eswaran: Being A Successful Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran has an admirable career. He is not only a business professional but an entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as an economist. Internationally, he is known for supporting upcoming entrepreneurs to invest in viable business ideas through practical philosophies. His resilience to helping these people cannot be ignored. And his determination to shape his career by contributing to the growth of the economy is highly admired by youthful entrepreneurs. Eswaran attributes his career to portfolio diversification since he has ventured in different financial vehicles.

Following his commitment to his entrepreneurial career, the Forbes List named him one of the world’s successful philanthropists. The accolade was one of the tributes he received after serving the community for more than one decade. For him to be highly regarded by Forbes, he must have been making great moves regarding the shaping of his career.

On his website, Vijay Eswaran is depicted as a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring speaker. He shares part of his income with charitable organizations. But he doesn’t consider himself to be successful because of his cash flow. He is mostly moved by his ability to support aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

Eswaran was raised in Malaysia. His father traveled with him around the country since he served at the ministry of labor. His parents made sure that he accessed great education. He graduated from the London School of Economics before taking up menial jobs including construction and grapes picking. He relocated to the United Kingdom where his career took off. He was then introduced to the industry of the binary system, often used in multilevel marketing.

At the same time, he served at Synaptics while attending SIU where he learned more about the multilevel marketing business. He then went ahead to work for North American companies where he served as an engineer for information systems before joining Cosway as a marketing executive. Today, he is the co-founder of QI Group of Companies, a firm that offers services and products in corporate investments, luxury, training and telecommunications.