Setting Trends with Lime Crime

Lime Crime is Los Angeles Based US cosmetic brand with a difference. It was established by Doe Deere in 2008 with a unique business model and a wide array of colorful cosmetic products that caters to millions of people across the globe including but not limiting to USA, UK, Mexico, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, and Poland as well as major online retailers.  They also have a worldwide following on Instagram, and they continue to grow through major retailers like BeautyBay.



What makes Lime Crime different from most other cosmetics brands is its revolutionary approach. This is indeed one of the few digitally-native cosmetics brands that promote itself on digital and social platforms. Apart from their conventional retail channel, they have a massive online platform where they showcase their trailblazing products and change the face of cosmetic industry across the world with their exceptional style and taste.



Every item from this brand is truly unique in its own way. It was the mission of this beauty brand to offer something defiant for their rebellious customers with an exclusive taste. Unlike most conventional brands, it has a specific niche of loyal fans who want to showcase their taste and style to others without any guilt in their mind. This is why; this brand has been developing some amazing and one of a kind products that not only create a huge buzz across the industry but became a mainstream must have cosmetic product. The instant popularity of Blue Unicorn lipstick of this brand is a dazzling success story of its compelling and radical thinking and till today it continues to mesmerize the world with its diversified beauty and cosmetic products.



At Lime Crime, you will find a number of cosmetic products that includes but not limits to Lipsticks, Lip Topper, Eyeshadow Palate, Sparkles and many more. Each of their products are truly unique with their bright and unique colors that would stand out in the crowd. All of their products are absolutely vegan and Cruelty-Free which is approved by both Leaping Bunny and PETA. This brand has a massive research and development unit which is overseen by Doe, the founder and CEO of this brand and it is dedicated to bring in new collections all the time.