U.S. Secretary of Education Endorses the Value of Rocketship Education Public Schools

Rocketship Education Public Schools is one of the best charter school networks in the nation. This organization was first started in San Jose, California in 2007. The schools are located within four key regions throughout the United States and they are planning on expanding into more American communities.

One of the best things about Rocketship Education is that it provides low-income parents a choice with the education of their child. This is exactly the kind of opportunity that poor families need to help improve the educational needs of their children. The current U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, provided this first-rate charter school organization with a $12.6 million-dollar grant.

Mrs. Devos believes in what Rocketship Education is doing. She is a proponent of school choice for low-income people. She endorses this type of alternative for impoverished communities because she believes it is the only way for poor families to give their children a decent education. The grant is going to help Rocketship to continue with its successful operations and with the possibility of expansion.

Rocketship has two locations in the state of California. They also have schools in the Washington D.C. area and in Milwaukee. These schools are well received in the communities where they have been established. Rocketship makes it a point to connect with the neighborhoods where they are located. The institution also connects with the families they serve.

When a student’s family life is turbulent and in chaos, it makes the learning process an extremely difficult thing to perform. If Rocketship finds out that a student’s family is suffering or in turmoil, they will aid them in the best way possible. This school system has been known to help student’s families that lost their homes due to flooding.

Rocketship students have even been helped out when their families had little food, no heat during the winter months or when their personal family dynamic is falling apart. This school does so much to ensure that their students get a great education, it is hard to deny the benefit they provide. The U.S. Secretary of Education realizes that this school is a true value to America’s learning process.

Rocketship Education Has Made an Impact

Rocketship Education is turning heads with the success it is having in the elementary education sector. Rocketship Education is a private charter elementary school network that situates itself in lower economic areas in order to provide a first-class education where the is little to nothing of the sort in that area.

In many deprived areas, the tax base has disappeared which causes a lack of funding for the quality public school. As a result, there is a large deficiency or a gap in the education of elementary students that is never recovered. The main objective of Rocketship Education is to eliminate this educational gap in our lifetime.

The keys to the success of Rocketship students, called “Rocketeers.” is the focus on partnerships. Partnerships with parents, quality educators, and the students have proven to be very successful in getting all of the interested parties focused towards the education of the students. Each year, the teachers’ pay a visit to the parents at the home of the student, and the results have been fabulous.

When parents have the opportunity to take part, ask questions, and become a part of their child’s progress in school, the student is empowered to make things happen. Students are motivated to please their parents and instructors as everyone is on the same page.

Rocketship emphasizes their STEM program which consists of science, technology, engineering, and math. In addition, students receive instruction on empathy, responsibility, and diversity, opening their eyes to how to become better citizens. They also study art, music, gardening, and other various studies to open their minds t learning about many different things.

Building a solid foundation for students at the elementary school level is vital for further educational pursuits. Studies done on Rocketship alumni has shown that when they reach middle school they are farther ahead in ability than are their peers who have come from other public schools. The led in academic performance, emotional and social maturity, and confidence.

It has also been documented that Rocketship Education students are capable of graduating from elementary school a full year ahead of their public school peers.