The Difference Wen by Chaz Products Have Made In Peoples Lives

Most people are familiar with the WEN by Chaz infomercials. They all feature stunning women shaking their hair and proclaiming the wonders of Chaz Dean’s hair care products. One woman with thin hair decided to find out if these YouTube ads were telling the truth and what the products could do for her hair. She wanted the luscious hair she kept seeing on television.

The Wen cleansing conditioners are a shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment in one. Different formulas those are available on Sephora, meant for to be used on numerous types of hair. The woman doing the testing used the Fig version since was designed to bring moisture, shine and bounce.

The first day she followed the directions but had concerns as to the amount of product she was supposed to use. Despite this she actually felt an added thickness in her hair as she massaged in the product. Additionally after her hair was dry there was more bounce and shine.

The second day her hair felt greasy and she was concerned. She continued to use Wen by Chaz. By the third day a lot of the grease had begun to disappear although there was still too much oil present. By the days end her hair was a little flat yet appeared healthy and shiny. The fourth day left her hair frizzy and greasy.

The fifth day marked a noticeable improvement. Her hair felt soft and her confidence began to build. On the sixth day her friends actually remarked on the shine in her hair. By the seventh day her hair looked fantastic. Wen by Chaz has made a positive difference.

Chaz Dean began his career in hair care with color and cut. As he gained experience and perfected his skills he developed an interest in the creation of hair care products. Once he opened The Chaz Dean Salon he began developing the WEN Cleansing Conditioners. The new products he develops hydrate and clean hair and have made him quite an inspiration to people worldwide. For more information, visit the website.

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