Vincent Parascandola at his Best

Vincent Parascandola as a prosperous entrepreneur he has ensured that he developed AXA Advisor as one of the top leading French International company in offering better security to their customers. They ensure their clients are adequately satisfied with their services they offer therefore making the company be well recognized all over the world. The company was established in the year 1859 and Vincent Parascandola ensured the company developed since then through providing better management in the company. Furthermore the company offers Universal Insurance and Investment Supervision.

Due to the partnership of various financial platforms in the year 2016 enabled them to extend their services to other parts of the world including Western Europe, North America, Asia –Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East. Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie was the title which the company was known by in the year 1816 before changing to AXA Advisors in the year 1985. The company growth enabled them to accomplish Winterthur Group for a sum of €9 billion; the company is known to be a leading organization in Swiss which assist people with matters of insurance.

The organization also ensures they contribute and participate in charity work and some of the contributions include introduction of AXA Research Fund that had €100 million in the year 2008, whereby the purpose of the organization was to fund different research center to assist them in researching on the dangerous factors that may face the surrounding and human race therefore delivering way out to these problems and more than 256 research project were financed for a period of 3 years.

The company also ensures their client’s priority comes first before anything other else hence enabling their customers; to always come back for more services. Vincent Parascandola is the senior President of the company and supervises the company in ensuring development in terms of sales, expertise and hiring a better financial professional. He studied at Pace University with bachelor’s degree in Science. He also has experience and skills for over 25 years since he began working as an agent at Prudential. Furthermore he as well worked in various other companies such as MONY Life Insurance Company.