Interesting Facts about Oncotarget

Oncotarget, an open access journal is focused on the medical field. The journal specializes in the area of oncology. The journal, which is published by Impact Journals, was launched in 2010. M. Blagosklonny and A.V. Gudkov are the editors in chief of the journal. Some groundbreaking work has been published in this medical journal.

Impactful Study on E-Cigarettes

The University of Rochester Medical Center recently published a study on Oncotarget that shows the harmful effects of e-cigarettes on the teeth and gums. Dr. Irfan Rahman was the leader of the study. It is the first study of its kind to address the problems of oral health that result from puffing on e-cigarettes.

The study is quite important since electronic cigarettes have become quite popular especially among the young people. Additionally, even former smokers have joined the craze, believing that there are no detrimental effects on to their health. It was previously thought gum problems resulted from the chemicals found in cigarette smoke. However, this study shows that is not the case.

The study was able to demonstrate that by exposing cells to vapors of e-cigarettes, they began to release inflammatory proteins. These proteins aggravate the cells, leading to damage. The same process occurs when people smoke on traditional cigarettes. The head researcher of this study had also published another study, which demonstrated the harmful effects of e-cigarette vapors on lung tissue.

The study on YouTube was conducted by exposing human tissue from a nonsmoker to e-cigarette vapors. It showed that the flavors used in these types of cigarettes also have an effect on gum tissues. The flavors usually made things worse with varying degrees of severity depending on the flavor used.

According to the doctor in charge of the study, there needs to be more research conducted on this problem. He noted that comparative and long-term studies would be needed for researchers to get a clear understanding of the extent of the issues. Additionally, he noted that manufacturers of electronic devices to be more forthcoming. As of now, they are quite cagey of the exact ingredients that they use in e-cigarettes. It will assist consumers to become more aware of the potential risks to which they expose themselves.

The electronic devices work using a simple concept. A cartridge containing a liquid is heated, and the user inhales the vapor. The liquid contains nicotine, other chemicals, and flavors. The heat is generated using a rechargeable battery that is part of the unit. The National Institute of Health was responsible for funding the study.

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