Lawrence Bender Raised the Bar with Reservoir Dogs

Lawrence Bender became an overnight sensation in Hollywood thanks to his work on Reservoir Dogs, the Quentin Tarantino inaugural hit. This movie set the expectations high for both Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender, and their subsequent works certainly did not disappoint. While many people remember this film for its radical approach to violence and casual dialogue juxtaposed in the same scene, many people forget about just how compelling the plot was and the incredible vision it took to bring this story together. It wasn’t until after the release of Pulp Fiction two years later that this film achieved widespread appreciation.

The general plot of the movie involved a major diamond heist that was orchestrated by eight men, none of whom trust each other. This band of misfit uses aliases to communicate with one another and reveal few details about their sordid pasts. After the robbery, some of the men become suspicious that there is either a leak or undercover policeman within their ranks. This leads to some fairly gruesome scenes involving torture and coarse language. Most of the action takes place after the heist is completed, and there are plenty of shooting scenes for those who appreciate high-paced action. All of the characters play an integral role in unwinding how the perfect crime started to unravel.

Lawrence Bender’s upbringing did not necessarily show any signs that he would become one of the greatest producers of all time and receive three Oscar nominations. His childhood in New Jersey was relatively uneventful. He still publicly acknowledges what a wonderful education he received at the University of Miami. Lawrence Bender took his career in an unexpected direction since receiving his degree in civil engineering. He tried out classical dance, but his time on stage was cut short by an injury. It was that unfortunate event that propelled him into the world of film.

He worked as a grip on the set of several movies. He eventually tried out producing in 1989 with Intruder. Since his early success, he has gone on to produce dozens of films and television series. He was honored in 2013 by the University of Maine with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.