Ara Chackerian Invokes Nicaraguan Sustainability in Limonapa Teak

Ara Chackerian started out life in the executive world under many roles within the Health industry; Most notably with Diagnostic Imaging services. He was formerly the chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics, the VP of PSS / World Medical, and a chairman at PipelineRx to name a few. Having conquered the corporate world and business side of things, it’s not too common for someone such as himself to venture into the Environmental Studies realm of business. Most people simply don’t do this. However, Ara Chackerian did and has formed the Limonapa Teak company in Nicaragua, which satisfies multiple agencies at once to create cohesiveness in the community and stop deforestation. Firstly, it provides local jobs to Nicaraguans. Secondly, it provides teak to the wood market, which is commonly the most sought-after and prized wood made in building ships and yachts. And thirdly, it helps correct deforestation through what would typically be over-forestation and lack of rotation.




Ara Chackerian realized after looking at an example in Michigan, that this method can be employed anywhere around the world with careful consideration to local environments. Michigan, for example, adds 21 million dollars to its yearly state budget by selectively trimming or what is known as “Forest Thinning” in the area. It must be done so in a way which conserves trees and protects the local Wildlife populations, and requires rotating the area in which the trees are harvested every set number of years. Although many local wildlife prefer trees to be closer together in order to form a more perfect habitat, this may not be ideal for recreational census for park-goers. For example, the Kirtland’s Warbler species of bird prefers to have two trees grouped closer together in order to create more harmony in their environment and nesting. However, for people, we may actually prefer going to parks where trees are more spread apart and aesthetically pleasing. Limonapa and the state of  Michigan have found a way to strike the balance between sustainability, rotation, business, and aesthetics. You can visit for more info.



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