Infinity Group Australia offers advice on personal financial planning

Graeme Holm is the founder of a company known as Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. This is a company in the financial industry which is focused on helping the people in managing their personal finances. Graeme Holm has been in the financial sector for 17 years. He is one of the people who has been in the industry helping the people live better lives by managing their financial life. He has dealt with services delivery in different sectors mostly real estate and financial planning.


Graeme Holm has worked with 4 major banks in the country where he learned a lot about all matters that surround the personal financial needs of the people. The reason he left the banking sector to concentrate on his own company is that he saw that many people were struggling in maintaining a healthy financial life despite having the resources. He was also tired of doing the same thing over and over again in the financial sector. With the experience he has acquired in the industry, he is now motivated and committed to helping you make better financial decisions.


Infinity Group Australia is focused on helping its clients make better financial decisions especially on matters of household spending. Most of the time, we use the money on things we do not need. However, being able to keep away from misuse is one of the worrying trends currently. People are spending money on things they do not need and things which they will dispose-off few months down the line. Managing household expenses is one of the best ways of getting financial freedom. According to Infinity Group, they can help clients cut on costs such as fuel, groceries, and travel expenses among others.


Unlike brokers who will help you secure a loan and ones the process is complete they move on to other clients, Infinity Group Australia is different. For them, once you get the loan that is where their main work begins. They will help you manage the funds and ensure that you repay in the quickest time possible. They have a track record of helping one of their clients save up to $96,271 in one year. This is something that is doable if you have a personal financial manager. However, in most cases, people lack the discipline to save such amounts as they engage in unnecessary spending.


Infinity Group normally creates monthly, quarterly and even yearly reports of the spending that clients are making, this enable them to focus on areas that they can improve on. They push clients to ensure that they are able to reduce expenses and ruse most of the income they get on repaying the loan. Learn more:


Infinity Group Australia according to Graeme Holm helps clients of all ages. They are mainly interested in the youth who normally make a lot of financial mistakes which end up hurting them later in life.


Infinity Group also discourages improper spending habits such as the use of credit cards. They advocate for people to use cash when buying anything. If you cannot buy something in cash, probably you do not even need it.