Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea effects have been known to be destructive over the past one decade. During this time, the disease has killed more than 30 percent of the obese people in the country. For this reason, no one is better at managing the effects of such practices in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The medical professionals and practitioners are now more aware of the disease than any other past time. New research is in progress concerning finding the cure for the disease. According to a recent study, the disease is more prevalent among the old people than any other people in the country and read full article.

A recent study also reveals that sleep apnea is more common among the people suffering from stroke, diabetes and heart attack. Because these are the most common chronic illnesses among the obese people, the disease comes in as an opportunistic illness. While these studies reveal that the disease has no known cure, many studies into finding the cure are now in progress by Dr. Avi Weisfogel. For those who want to engage their business identities, they might consider using this model in generating income to their dental and medical practices. There is an increased urgency in treating sleep apnea as a medical illness.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the most prominent dentists in the United States. His dental practice is based in New Jersey. He has more than two decades of professional experience in the medical field. When he first commenced his dental practice, he worked hard to become a solution to those who needed fast treatment concerning sleep apnea. The first sleep apnea case was presented to him in 1999 during the first week of practice. While this was true, he never let his advice down. He worked hard to attain better business management and learn more about Avi.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel worked hard to develop the solution to this sleep apnea cases. During that time, the disease was prevalent n few people. For this reason, he attained the best option through digging deep into books. In the recent past, he was nominated as the best dentist in the United States and Avi on Facebook.

Video Mini-Series Released By MB2 Dental Solutions

Carollton, Texas based dental practice management company, MB2 Dental Solutions has come out with a new video series that sheds light into the lives of its dental practitioners. The new video series is called We Are Dentistry and it is in a short documentary series format. This documentary produced by MB2 Solutions attempts to humanize and bring to life the dentists and their assistants that work at MB2 Solutions run dental practices.


The We Are Dentistry Series series shows the obstacles overcome by practitioners and what motivates them in life. It also shows their own struggles in life and the events that shaped them and made them decide to become a dental provider. Founder and chief executive officer, Chris Villanueva said that the video production will tell a story that is found underneath every white doctor’s coat. He believes that every one of the doctors working at MB2 Dental Solutions has an interesting life story that they can share with patients and potential customers. Telling this story can build trust and help foster a more amicable relationship between patients and doctors. It can also help reduce the stigma or fear of going to a dentist that unfortunately too many people have.


Chief executive officer Chris Villaneuva said that he let each leading doctor at MB2 Dental Solutions practices decide upon the content and length of the videos the company produced. The result says Chris, was a very natural video series about the dentists that work at MB2 Dental affiliated clinics. One such example of a video made by MB2 Dental solutions is a video that featured dentist, Dr. Mary Courtin. The video describes the role that Dr. Courtin plays in life besides a dentist such as being a mother to her kids, a wife and revealed some of her interests. Dr. Courtin, for example, enjoys jogging and breeds dogs in her spare time. Her video also shows how she is balancing her role as a mother, business owner and dentist.


By painting an image of a real human being rather than just a person in a lab coat, MB2 Dental Solutions is changing the perception of medical practitioners who provide a key medical service. The We Are Dentistry mini-series has a new episode released every month. For each episode, filming is done on site and in the community that the dentist resides in and serves. The goal of the series is to be accurate and build relationships.