Why Drew Madden Saw It Coming

The world of healthcare may soon be turned upside down, at least in the United States. For several years, CVS Pharmacy has been the largest pharmaceutical and health goods store in North America for several years, if not decades, on end. It’s larger than Walmart’s pharmacies, when adding up the aggregate total of their revenue in the United States. alongside Walgreen’s, as well.

However, CVS Pharmacy is set to have a new competitor in its field – Amazon. Earlier this week, Amazon released a statement – 100 percent authentic, too, even though such is hard to believe – that stated it had received pharmaceutical licenses in a handful of states in America. To begin competing in the field, Amazon won’t sell prescription drugs like CVS does. However, Amazon will, in fact, begin its medical-related tenure by distributing and selling equipment that is used in the field of healthcare.

A number of the nation’s top investors have gotten rid of pharmaceutical shares of various such companies, as they feel confident their value will drop once Amazon kicks its operations into full gear.

Amazon has had enough money on hand to purchase Whole Foods – competitors like CVS Pharmacy should be aware of the fact Amazon has plenty of wealth to purchase whatever they’d like in the field, rather than assuming its cause is safe. CVS Corporation has integrated one key move in defending itself from Amazon, which is upping their mail delivery of prescription medicines and supplies to next-day delivery, meaning it will only take one day for patients’ medicine to come in the mail. Currently, CVS takes two or more days for medicine to arrive at their homes.

Healthcare is ripe for investment in the USA, as it has an endowment of more than three trillion dollars. Per capita spending in the field is higher than anywhere else across our blue and green planet – truly astounding figures.

Drew Madden has worked in IT related to healthcare for several years. He has even been the President of a consultancy group in the field, as well as several other positions throughout healthcare.