Rocketship Education Has Expanded To Washington, DC

Rocketship Education is a charter operator based in Northern California. The organization opened its first school in 2007 and has since gained national attention because of its strong test scores and ability to keep administrative costs low by utilizing a blended learning approach.

Being that Rocketship Education was birthed in the Silicon Valley, they rely heavily on technology when it comes to educating their students.

This has been a big point of controversy but hasn’t stopped the organization from moving forward with its mission to provide a quality education to low income students.

If anything it has only strengthened their resolve and opened their minds to opening locations all over the country.

In 2013 the D.C. Public Charter School Board voted in favor of allowing Rocketship Education to open up to 8 schools in the district. The first school, which opened in 2016, is located in Ward 8, one of the most run down parts of the district.

Opponents have come out against this project as they believe the school is in an unsafe area and it will be in direct competition with some schools in the D.C. Public School system.

Jacque Patterson, the regional director at Rocketship Education, said this charter hopes to operate as a neighborhood school for the children who live in Ward 8.

In its first year the school was home to 350 students in kindergarten through second grade. Eventually the school hopes to run through 4th grade.

Administrators at the new Rocketship school hope parents will be very active in what’s going on at the school.

They even have plans to build a room where parents can get access to computers and the internet. This will allow parents to look for jobs and submit applications while they are on campus with their children.

One of Rocketships main goals is to show parents how to advocate for their children after they leave Rocketship.

Officials from the school plan to visit the homes of each student and have various events for the parents to attend. The idea is to create an environment where the students and parents can grow together.