Where Businessman Perry Mandera Looks To For Inspiration

Perry Mandera is a businessman who has been in the trucking and shipping sector for 42 years. He owns a company, The Custom Companies, Inc., which is based in the state of Illinois. His company delivers packages for businesses in the state as well as the rest of the nation.

Before embarking on this career Perry Mandera had served in the Marines for four years. He signed up right out of high school, accomplishing one of his earliest dreams. He says when he served he was responsible for transporting other Marines and supplies to wherever they needed to be. It was in this position that he learned how to be a leader, drive a big truck, and see for himself how shipping can affect a lot of things. He said he really enjoyed the camaraderie of being with other Marines during this phase of his life and he looks back on fondly.

A few years after being back in civilian life Perry Mandera decided to run for political office. He served the 26th ward of Chicago for four years as their Republican Ward Committeeman. He says he worked hard to improve the city during this time of public service. At the time he had just sold his first trucking company and was gearing up start The Custom Companies.

Perry Mandera is a big believer in being charitable with both his time and money. He donates to causes that help the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. He has also helped out during times of natural disasters such as when Hurricane Katrina walloped Louisiana. He says of particular importance to him is helping children and other veterans of the military services. In addition to giving money he also provides material items such as food and clothing.

In order to achieve all he can professionally Perry Mandera enjoys going to conferences with motivational speakers. He feels they can help people unlock their potential and achieve a lot more professionally. He says in addition to being inspired by their words he also uses his religion as a guide for how he should make decisions both in his business and personal lives.