CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Paragon Biosciences. He is also the founder and the chairman of the same company. Jeff Aronin has been in practice in the field of healthcare and biotech for more than twenty years.


Jeff Aronin has been in service as the chairman and even the Chief Executive Officer since 2010; his active participation in the company has made it competitive globally. Jeff Aronin is excellently skilled in advanced sciences that deal with rare diseases and drug development.


Accordingly, his superior expertise in the healthcare gives Jeff Aronin an exceptional vision on the several needs in the global market. Jeff Aronin stands at an excellent position to merge the scientists and business leaders.


When brought together, the two fields can develop valuable research techniques for treatments. They can also come up with exceptional therapies globally. Jeff Aronin also offers mentorship programs to the prospective entrepreneurs who can gain more from the understanding brought about by the extensive experience gained for several years.


Jeff Aronin participated actively in the deal with Lundbeck Inc. after it incorporated the Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Jeff Aronin founded and launched it serving as the Chief Executive Officer since the year of establishment 2000 to the year 2009.


Then the Lundbeck Inc. hired it and entirely purchased the Ovation Pharmaceuticals in the year 2009. Jeff Aronin has got an ambition of establishing more renowned companies. Nevertheless, his primary goal is to develop the health outcomes of a significant number of patients having no other option.


In Paragon biosciences, Jeff Aronin is faced with a challenge of disapproval of medicines. The Paragon biosciences firm is based in Chicago. The investment firm has established and helped a high number of companies grow to higher standards.


According to Jeff Aronin, there are three approaches that health firms need to employ so that they can be successful. He noted that a success-oriented firm should always understand the needs of the patients, invest in ways to identify the illness that the patients are suffering from and ensure that it attracts world-class investors and build high-quality firms for the medicine to get approved.