Co-washing with When Wen for a Week

The co-washing Twitter trend continues to make its way throughout beauty blogs everywhere as more and more people decide to ditch their shampoo.

Conditioner washing, or co-washing as it is fondly called on all the blogs covering the trend, purports to make a person’s hair softer, shinier, and overall more healthy. By doing away with shampooing and the harmful stripping effects a person’s hair is able to heal itself while retaining its natural moisture.

Co-washing though is not simply going without shampooing, which leads many to falsely assume you forgo washing completely. Instead, co-washing calls upon the natural attractant properties inherent within the conditioners to help cleanse hair of daily oil build-up without dehydrating hair.

Beauty Blogger Tries Wen for a Week

Bustle’s own Emily McClure jumped at the opportunity to try the co-washing trend out while giving the leading product, Wen by Chaz, a chance to prove the hype.

Over the course of a week, McClure adjusted to no longer using shampoo and learning to find the perfect method of utilizing Wen for her individual hair.

After many attempts, pumps, and shampoo-less washes the beauty blogger concluded her week with noticeable shinier hair, even noting that WEN “made my hair look fabulous post-shower.”

Wen By Chaz

The product that brought shine and a much needed “confidence booster” for Bustle’s beauty blogger Emily McClure has helped many men and women find healthier looking hair.

Original created for use among celebrity clientele, Wen By Chaz has been giving everyday people the opportunity to look just like the stars.

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