Fagali Both as A Legal Brand Name and as A Stamp of Integrity in Advertising

Bruno is already a name synonymous to law in Brazil. The surname Fagali comes from Bruno, and it’s a name that many people automatically associate with Compliance Law, Ethics, Regulatory Law and Urban Law in Brazil. One of the many legal issues today that link immediately to Bruno is the one about the legislative chamber in Sao Paulo investing in an advertising firm in Brazil.

Reported in the Fagali website, this news article states how there is now a public bidding calling for a plan to establish an advertising agency for the Sao Paulo local government. There is a contract value of about R$ 27 million dollars, which would last for about 12 months, and it would be such a fantastic boost to the economy of both Sao Paulo and Brazil.

The legal team is also recognized as part of a company that’s being recognized to have an impressive record of ethical standards in their business operations. In an article from Ethos, it is confirmed that the Fagali firm new/sb advertising agency is a recent awardee of the Pro-Ethics award. This award is a recognition for companies that have successfully integrated anti-corruption practices in their company and that have made sure that integrity is a strong part of their success.

Bruno is the Corporate Integrity Manager of the new/sb advertising agency, and his work for the company has built a harmonious, high-calibre level of performance and productivity to the entire workforce in the company. In the news report, Bruno revealed that the previous failures of big companies have been because of their unethical practices that have transformed their firms into the negative. With this in mind, he understood the importance of making sure that he prioritizes integrity as a strong part of his business values in his ventures. Bruno Fagali fala sobre Compliance – atualmente, uma das principais responsabilidades da governança corporativa.

About Bruno Fagali

People in Brazil may already have known Bruno as the lawyer whose expertise in urban law may be second to none. As a lawyer, Bruno Jorge has grown his reputation to be a rising lawyer in Brazil who prioritizes ethics and integrity in the law firm he started, Fagali Law Frim, and as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB.

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