Luke Lazarus Looks Past What Everyone Else Sees

 Luke Lazarus Knows that Startups are Fun But Hard

What makes startups so interesting is that they are challenging. One is usually in control, steering a ship that will have to cross through many dangerous waters, find new lands, find new innovations, new spices, new routes, gold and much more.

These adventurers must brave the many struggles to get to their destination. It is very tough and very challenging but those who apply themselves are likely to make a dent in the universe if they are tackling a large enough problem.

A startup such as Pinterest would have to understand how to work its way to the gold and the riches. The company has to use the platform which it has built to make a way to generate dollars and to sustain over the course of the next few years.

The leaders of Pinterest know that their investments in research and development may have to decrease at some point while they focus on growing their user base and monetizing across the world. The path forward for Pinterest is doubling down on attention and understanding how advertisers can operate in a more effective manner.

See, a startup like Luke Lazarus would see that Pinterest in the last quarter, only drilled down and gained $0.09 in ad revenues on an individual user basis on a monthly basis.

While Snapchat, has been able to see ad revenues higher sixty cents when looking at the same metric. One would also see that Twitter has been able to gain even more, at least one dollar and forty-four cents for their same metric. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus Profile |

While these companies have been around for a bit longer in the mainstream markets, it is certainly a challenge for Pinterest to learn how to increase their ARPU. As such, Pinterest will have to focus on one thing, education. The company will have to focus on education for advertisers in its international markets.

Pinterest will have to show why they are valuable and how they can bring in more value for the advertisers. They have to show advertisers how they can use their platform to generate leads, community, drive interest in what they are doing and how they can matter for the long-term.

Pinterest knows that it has a long way ahead of it but startup consultants such as Luke Lazarus know that with the right help from people like him, Pinterest can become profitable over time.

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