Article Title: How Steve Ritchie Saved Papa John’s Reputation

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When you think of pizza, some of the best pizza brands are what comes into mind. One of these favorite companies includes Papa John’s pizza. This company has been known to serve the best Pizza for years. However, the recent negative publicity it received caused the company a drop in sales. One of the ways Papa John’s was able to salvage its reputation and get its sales back to the top is by issuing an apology to the public. The company’s chief executive officer Steve Ritchie made this apology. The first step was issuing to their customers a letter that not only apologized but also reminded its customers why they love Papa John’s.

The first part of the letter was an apology, and this was where he cleared stated that no matter the context, the company can never tolerate the language issued. He also reminded the customers that the success the company experiences is not because of its individuality but its corporation with team members and customers around the world. The franchise and corporate team members also work hard to ensure that Papa John’s provides its customers with better pizza and service.The letter also listed some of the steps it has taken to ensure that the company continues to grow.

The steps the company is willing to take include:

Bringing in external experts to assist in auditing the company’s diversity, inclusion, and diversity practices. This will help Papa John’s pizza to identify its weaknesses and strengths making it easier for the company to set clear objectives to do better.

The senior management team is also expected to listen to the company’s franchisees and employees and get back their feedback on an excellent way to move the company forward.

The company also wants to be transparent with its customers along the way making it easier for them to hold Papa John’s accountable.

Steve Richie also assured customers that he would be leading the effort to spearhead the changes he mentioned in his letter. This will be the first step to regaining the trust of the public. According to Steve, they will continue to regain their confidence one change at a time.

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