Article Title: Steve Ritchie: Working His Way to the Top

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Steve Ritchie was appointed as CEO of the Papa John’s pizza empire effective January 1, 2018. Despite being new to the role, however, Ritchie is certainly not new to Papa John’s. Just 43 years of age, Ritchie has spent his entire adult life dedicated to the company, beginning in 1996 when he took orders over the phone for just $6 an hour.

Since those early days, Ritchie has steadily progressed within the company he calls home. First, he became a manager, then a multi-unit supervisor. Finally, ten years after that small start as phone operator, he became the owner of his own first franchise in 2006. Following on this success, he began adding corporate titles as well, including director of global operations, chief operating officer, president, and now, chief executive officer. The Papa John’s corporation is one of the foremost pizza companies in the world, employing over 125,000 individuals and operating in all 50 American states, plus another 45 countries throughout the world.

It is Ritchie’s goal to lead further global development and facilitate brand awareness through strategic planning. He will also now oversee the evolution of digital, marketing and customer services. Although a believer in technology and digital marketing, Ritchie firmly wants to keep the focus on what he believe Papa John’s greatest assets – its people. He notes, “By focusing on our team members, we will deliver the world class experiences our customers deserve. At Papa John’s, any opportunity is achievable if you dedicate yourself to putting your best foot forward every day.” If anyone can deliver these remarks backed by truth, it is the soft-spoken, shy and humble Ritchie, the man who rose through the ranks and perhaps best embodies the love for the Papa John’s brand that he now works to foster as much in others as he posses himself.

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The Life and Career of Vijay Eswaran of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is an envied author and entrepreneur. He often brings an international perspective to his business. Growing up in Malaysia under the care of a responsible father who traveled a lot, Eswaran learned the fundamental value of putting in a lot of work in business and life. As such, he attended a college in England as well as the United States before residing in various states such as Australia and Canada. In the process of shaping his career, Eswaran derived insight regarding the workday world from multiple positions he held in different companies. Just to point out a few, he served as an attendant at a gas station before driving a cab. Such experiences blended in his mind. For that reason, he applies the philosophies he’s garnered from various monks, engineers, professors, as well as other professionals to guide him to success.

With his father being a traveler, Eswaran got to experience some cultural diversity because the family moved a lot. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the prestigious London School of Economics before joining the Southern Illinois University for an MBA. After graduating, Vijay Eswaran traveled to Italy, where he resided at the monastery. He found odd tasks working as a grape picker and contractor.

When he turned 28, Vijay Eswaran relocated to the United States, where he spent about seven years serving as an engineer at IBM. His time at the company was pretty invaluable because he learned a lot regarding online commerce, a new phenomenon at that moment. Since he believed in the impact of internet sales, Eswaran sought to establish an organization that would be a significant contributor to the industry. In 1998, Vijay Eswaran founded QI Group. It’s a company based in Hong-Kong and has offices in Manila, Southeast Asia, as well as Singapore. It’s involved in various fields such as telecommunications, medicine, as well as education. QI Group sells its products online while investing in multiple organizations in the world.


Luke Lazarus Looks Past What Everyone Else Sees

 Luke Lazarus Knows that Startups are Fun But Hard

What makes startups so interesting is that they are challenging. One is usually in control, steering a ship that will have to cross through many dangerous waters, find new lands, find new innovations, new spices, new routes, gold and much more.

These adventurers must brave the many struggles to get to their destination. It is very tough and very challenging but those who apply themselves are likely to make a dent in the universe if they are tackling a large enough problem.

A startup such as Pinterest would have to understand how to work its way to the gold and the riches. The company has to use the platform which it has built to make a way to generate dollars and to sustain over the course of the next few years.

The leaders of Pinterest know that their investments in research and development may have to decrease at some point while they focus on growing their user base and monetizing across the world. The path forward for Pinterest is doubling down on attention and understanding how advertisers can operate in a more effective manner.

See, a startup like Luke Lazarus would see that Pinterest in the last quarter, only drilled down and gained $0.09 in ad revenues on an individual user basis on a monthly basis.

While Snapchat, has been able to see ad revenues higher sixty cents when looking at the same metric. One would also see that Twitter has been able to gain even more, at least one dollar and forty-four cents for their same metric. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus Profile |

While these companies have been around for a bit longer in the mainstream markets, it is certainly a challenge for Pinterest to learn how to increase their ARPU. As such, Pinterest will have to focus on one thing, education. The company will have to focus on education for advertisers in its international markets.

Pinterest will have to show why they are valuable and how they can bring in more value for the advertisers. They have to show advertisers how they can use their platform to generate leads, community, drive interest in what they are doing and how they can matter for the long-term.

Pinterest knows that it has a long way ahead of it but startup consultants such as Luke Lazarus know that with the right help from people like him, Pinterest can become profitable over time.

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Article Title: How Steve Ritchie Saved Papa John’s Reputation

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When you think of pizza, some of the best pizza brands are what comes into mind. One of these favorite companies includes Papa John’s pizza. This company has been known to serve the best Pizza for years. However, the recent negative publicity it received caused the company a drop in sales. One of the ways Papa John’s was able to salvage its reputation and get its sales back to the top is by issuing an apology to the public. The company’s chief executive officer Steve Ritchie made this apology. The first step was issuing to their customers a letter that not only apologized but also reminded its customers why they love Papa John’s.

The first part of the letter was an apology, and this was where he cleared stated that no matter the context, the company can never tolerate the language issued. He also reminded the customers that the success the company experiences is not because of its individuality but its corporation with team members and customers around the world. The franchise and corporate team members also work hard to ensure that Papa John’s provides its customers with better pizza and service.The letter also listed some of the steps it has taken to ensure that the company continues to grow.

The steps the company is willing to take include:

Bringing in external experts to assist in auditing the company’s diversity, inclusion, and diversity practices. This will help Papa John’s pizza to identify its weaknesses and strengths making it easier for the company to set clear objectives to do better.

The senior management team is also expected to listen to the company’s franchisees and employees and get back their feedback on an excellent way to move the company forward.

The company also wants to be transparent with its customers along the way making it easier for them to hold Papa John’s accountable.

Steve Richie also assured customers that he would be leading the effort to spearhead the changes he mentioned in his letter. This will be the first step to regaining the trust of the public. According to Steve, they will continue to regain their confidence one change at a time.

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How to Attract the Media with Your Crowdfunding Campaign

People and also start-ups seeking supporters to paid press release distribution service an item or task with a crowdfunding campaign have a great deal of preparations to do to reach their target purposes. One vital part is obtaining the emphasis of the media to bring in a lot more contributions that assist fulfills their goal.

There are numerous ways that you can try if you are looking for a lot more means to attach to press reporters as well as magazines. We’ll show to you a few of these techniques to obtain attention and additionally a great deal a lot more:

Compose a relevant press release.

The most convenient ways to acquire in front of the target market is to target journalists. It’s a future before you pitch them and also get results. After establishing links with the press, you require to compose a compelling as well as also appropriate story worrying your brand name, product or anything that you assume relate to the site visitors.

Compose in consistency with the reporter’s viewpoint. As component of your research study, recognize the style and likewise sort of material that a details reporter is composing as well as handle your crowdfunding tale like that. What type of news is relevant?

If you presume the heading and also the internet material will certainly make these reporters stop along with believe that “I like this suggestion,” you’re on the excellent track. If you are in doubt, it suggests you still have not supplied the ideal hook that will absolutely make them desire to cover you.

Try to utilize something distinct and also ideal. Something that would certainly force them to claim that “I have actually not seen his type of story,” or “this is the kind of tale that I have been looking for.”

Use PR services.

After creating your crowdfunding news release or if you are seeking an expert to create it for you, Public Relations firms can aid your tale to reach your desired media as well as info electric outlets and also reporters.

They have a call with prominent national and also neighborhood magazines which can assist you in obtaining the area that you need for promotion. There are great deals of respectable wire solutions that you can work with to attain security as well as likewise reach your target fund promptly.

Share it on social networks sites.

One indicates to get grip with the influencers, along with press reporters, is to share your tale on your social media sites websites. Nowadays, many people obtain their information on various social networks websites networks. If you composed a lovely story, it might also tend to go viral.

When it became viral, you’ll reel in focus and additionally much more supporters to support your reason. You require to make the very best use of social shares, specifically on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn along with Snapchat.

You can even utilize hashtags to see various teams that are talking about topics linked to your tale on Twitter. You could furthermore join groups of press reporters looking for a fantastic story to create.

Sign up with HARO.

Help a Reporter Out is one website that can attach you to your target reporters as well as also blog owners. It’s a system where marketers like you obtain informs daily with your email worrying press reporters trying to find information as well as even resources.

As you call the media individuals, you can have communication with one of the most suitable ones that can also help you obtain exposure for your campaign. Build your web links there in addition to you’ll definitely obtain a good foundation for your crowdfunding job.

Generate a media listing.

Write down all journalism reporters that cover crowdfunding stories of your market. Note down similarly their email address along with Twitter care for. Read their latest posts to find that they are an excellent suitable for your story.

You might desire to follow them on Twitter and also various other social media web pages. Like and additionally share their posts. Comment if essential to ensure that they will certainly acquire accustomed to your name. Constructing a link with them could not be extremely easy.

It takes some time, yet the results are all worth it. Connecting with the media is a fail-safe way to obtain media protection for your job. It will certainly assist you within your target funds as well as additionally making your desires a fact.