Glenn Schlossberg’s Created Jump Design Group and the Fashion World “Jumped” in a New Direction

Glenn Schlossberg has a family history in the fashion world and he studied at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology. That learned history and what he studied at the Institute of Technology made him realize there was a need for something new in the fashion world for families that accessible and high quality. Glenn Schlossberg founded the Jump Design Group for fashion that could be produced quickly off of recent trends and still be high quality for family consumers.

Jump Design Group effectively functions in the fashion world by attending fashion shows. They gather up the latest trend ideas and put together what will sell most likely. They take these ideas to their domestic-based manufacturing designers. They turn out the fashion in about a month’s time. Because of their use of domestic-based designers, they are able to create fashion quickly and have it turn out more high quality than a foreign designer.

Fast fashion is something that is on trend for just a limited amount of time and is mass produced. This usually results in clothing that is not high quality and is not acceptable enough for long term use or use in the workplace. Women, in particular, were the driving forces behind the fast fashion revolution in the fashion world. More women joined the workforce in the 80s and 90s, and this ultimately led to women needing on-trend clothing that was affordable. The fast fashion items that they are using are not quality products though and last only for a limited amount of time.

Women are the focus of the Jump Design Group. They have a goal to create fashion for women quickly, while still crafting it to be high quality and long lasting. According to, this allows women to have more use of their fashion in the workplace and wherever else they are dressing up for. Jump Design Group knows that women want to have clothing that will hold up and be on trend for their needs.

Jump caters to a wide range of retailers with their products. They work with Zappos, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. They have been able to create these ties with these popular online and brick and mortar stores by establishing the need for change in trends and the quality need for fashion currently. Glenn knows that the need for fashion to be on trend, of high quality, and capable of appealing to younger generations is how to stay active in the fashion business. By acknowledging these truths and founding Jump Fashion Group, Glenn Schlossberg has made the fashion industry jump in a new direction into the future.