The Works Of Nation Film Productions Head, Heather Parry

Heather Parry is the president of production, film and TV at Nation Film productions. A film production company that was born in 2015. Nation Film boasts of top films TV shows and documentaries like Tennessee Kids, 2016’s Justin Timberlake, believer, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, The After Party Eagles of Metal Death among others.

Currently, Nation Film Productions is flying high, under Parry’s leadership with ‘A Star is Born’ film. This is a song-related film of lady Gaga and Bradley that has everyone talking. How did Heather manage to be part of ‘A Star is Born’? This is the best question to help one define how Parry’s zeal and hunger for success in the film industry is. It all started when Parry heard Bradley is the director of the film for she knew it will be a hit. Parry talked to Dave Bugliari -Bradley’s agent. Later on, she went to a dinner party in Bill Gerber’s house (one of the producers of the film), she focused on talking him into allowing Nation Film Productions market the film. And the rest can speak for itself.

Parry prides in being able to multi task and achieve. She has deep connections in the industry which she has built over time since she joined MTN at only 22 years. She started out as at MTN news, then became West Coast Bureau Chief and then went into film development and production. In that period she produced, The Week in Rock, The Longest Yard, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and revamp of 70’s Football Flick. MTV was sold to Summit Entertainment in 2005. This saw Parry leave for Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions where she worked for the next 10 years before joining Nation Film productions. For Parry, Nation Film Productions is finally home. She can now enjoy music and film together.

Nexbank Puts Out $54 Million

Every day, we can see things in the news that can both amaze and astound us. One of those things is a consolidated, debt offering by Nexbank. What makes it so astounding is the amount of the offering. According to, they gave a $54 million offering to the amazement of the financial industry. They have a reputation for doing these types of offerings when they are so desperately in need of.


Nexbank has been in business for a long time. They have garnered respect in their field from all over the world. Their team of experts are educated and professional. They possess the experience and skills to perform excellent tasks in the financial industry.


Moving into the future, they will continue to help other companies that are in need. Since they have the know how and the ability, their successes will continue to multiply.


Companies that require their financial assistance should reach out to them. Nexbank’s team of experts will sit down and work out a plan that will assist them. By having a great plan in place, a company will be able to turn their financial picture around to a positive one with Nexbank’s assistance.


Companies respect Nexbank Capital because of their impressive background. They know that they will receive excellent advice on what will be the best path for them to follow in order to become solvent again. Nexbank has helped many companies to do just that, and they will continue to help many more in the years and decades to come.


This company is based out of Texas. They are an innovative and goal oriented entity. One of their goals is to attract more clients, while retaining the solid base that they already have. This will happen for this company that continuously succeeds at what they set out to accomplish. With their excellent team of workers, they are prepared for the future in so many, fantastic ways. Learn more about Nexbank on


New Jersey’s Urban Developers – the Boraie Development

The Boraie LLC is an urban development and real estate company located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company provides its clients with real estate development, property management, and real estate marketing for clients within the New Brunswick area. They specialized employees that been able to work with financial institutions. They have visionary architects and contractors that meet clearly defined deadlines.

The company has a 20-year track record in development hence is one of the most prominent real estate companies in New Jersey. Their projects tend to attract tenants, residents and financial partners such as Goldman Sachs. These stakeholders appreciate their long-term commitment.

The Boraie’s latest project, which is their most prominent, The Aspire. A 238 residential unit apartment complex with 10,000 square feet of retail, located near the New Brunswick train station, along Somerset Street. The project was a collaboration between the company and NBA legendary hall of fame basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal. With Shaquille O’Neal wanting to give back to the community, from an early age. He felt that this was a strong starting point to re-surge the city to its former glory.

The apartment complex is a host of modern features and amenities, which deliver a nice experience to visitors. Furthermore, the building is opposite the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System and the Children’s Cancer Institute.

The complex ended up being a $60 million rental complex, Newark’s first newly built housing tower for 50 years. The opening ceremony was attended by the basketball player and the Newark Mayor, Cory Booker. This shows the city’s full support in their projects and future developments. Under the partnership conditions, the building would be owned by Boraie Development.

Along with the apartment complex, the company went into another partnership with the basketball star, to restore an old theater. It totaled to $7 million renovation project. The two parties worked on other projects in the New Jersey project, bringing commercial growth and housing development in distressed areas. The star declared that the partnership wanted to move from one big project to the next, focusing on the more ravaged Jersey urban downtown.

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