Jacob Gottlieb and Altium Capital Invest in Medical Breakthrough Companies

Jacbo Gottlieb knows both healthcare and investing. The industry knows him as a titan in his field. He wears a number of professional hats that allow him to maneuver in the investing world at the top of his game. He is an MD, PRMIA, and CFA. His most recent successful financial venture is Altium Capital.

His company is an investment fund that aids the healthcare industry and growth companies on the verge of making an impact in the healthcare market. His company looks to invest in companies that are making advances in medical treatments.

He has an impressive history of investing in companies that become winners. Altium’s first investment was in a company called Oramed. Oramed produced an innovative treatment for diabetes that people could take orally. This company has both pharmaceutical and business experience, and works with world-class scientific experts. Amarin is another business project. The company is a biopharmaceutical company that develops drugs designed to improved cardiovascular health. The company received its first FDA approved drug in 2012.

Oragenics is another company endorsed by Jacob Gottlieb. This company formed in 1996 with the idea of making inroads into Replacement Therapy. Replacement Therapies focus on the replacement of harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria. The company also develops technologies that help speed up the development of antibiotics that battle strains of resistant bacteria.

Jacob Gottlieb also founded Visium Asset Management. As such, he has the perfect business and medical background that enables him to be totally aware of trends emerging in the medical world. His business acumen is fine-tuned enough to support the growth of breakthrough companies and technologies. His knowledge and skills are an immense benefit to the medical industry.

Jacob Gottlieb shows great business acumen in the areas of the medical world that can lead to success. He will likely continue to make an impact in the world of medical technology and medicine. His influence will likely also inspire the broadening of healthcare investments.

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