Igor Cornelson Puts Investing In Proper Perspective

Igor Cornelsen has shown investors the process when it comes to index funds, stocks and property investments in Brazil. This is where his heart lies, and this is where he has built a substantial amount of his own portfolio.

The former engineering major that transitioned into investment banking for career has a lot to say about investing, but most of his comments and advise can be found in relatively short segments.

One thing that Igor Cornelson believes is making sure that you have the proper research source to get information about what you are investing in. He believes that the source of information that you choose for your investment research is just as important as the investments that you are choosing.

This investing guru believes that it can be difficult for you to make wise decisions when you are not connected to a source that can give you a proper assessment of the stocks that you invest in. Knowledge is vital to investing success.

Igor Cornelsen also believes in the necessary evil of trial-and-error. There are investors that like to give all of their investment options over to pay stock advisory firms. This means that the investor is essentially blinded what there portfolio is actually doing. They may have a wealth management team that can tell them that there portfolio is averaging 7 to 10 percent, but the investor really has no way of fact checking if this is true. They have their money managed by someone else, and they have no clue about what they’re investments are actually doing.

Igor Cornelsen believes that it is best to guard yourself against this. He believes that there are better options for investing, but you have to make a conscious decision on whether you are going to do the research and make your investments work.

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