Jason Hope Supports SENS Research Foundation

The number of diseases that affect humanity today has been on the rise. Almost every human being must fall ill at some point in his or her life. The illnesses can be complex and others minor. Among all the problems that face humanity, there are those that can be cured, and there are others which until today have no conclusive treatment procedure. Of all the diseases that affect humanity, not all are common to every human being. However, there is one medical condition which affects every one of us. No matter who you are in this world, there is a condition that you cannot run away from. This condition is known as aging. Every human being must age.

Human beings have lived with the fact that there is nothing they can do about the aging factor. They have to prepare themselves mentally that as time lapses so will their health condition become weak. It has been a sad affair for many people to realize that at old age, their lives will be miserable. They will no longer be able to do the things they have done in the past. Old age comes with the weakness of the body and inability to do most of the basic tasks that we perform at a young age when our bodies are young and energetic.

About Jason Hope

To solve this puzzle of aging in human beings, there is an organization that is trying to come up with a solution that will bring to an end the suffering that comes with old age. The organization known as SENS Research Foundation with the help of Jason Hope, a philanthropist from Arizona are trying to bring a solution for this problem by applying biotechnological solutions. Jason Hope is supporting this initiative because he believes in the possibility of technology being used to solve human problems. SENS Foundation wants to create an anti-aging drug that will reduce the effects of aging in our bodies. When we have a drug that will reverse the damage done by aging, we shall be close to eradicating old age diseases.

Jason Hope has supported this foundation with $500,000 which has gone to building laboratories and researching for the anti-aging drug.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who believes in the technological field. He believes that internet of things will help the other industries in the near future.

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