The Sky Is The Limit At GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit originated at much the same time as many of the other tech start ups in Silicon Valley. The company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and it operates online to help provide consumers with online loan access. David Zalik is the current Chief Executive Officer of the firm.

David Zalik is one of the co-founders of GreenSky Credit. The company has been in existence since 2006. He is a savvy entrepreneur, and this technology financial startup company rapidly became very popular and very successful. They have arranged loans to homeowners for home improvements and other purposes. By 2012, the company reportedly arranged approximately $5 billion in loans for its customers. GreenSky Credit works with numerous federally insured financial lending institutions that provide the funding.

Unlike many other tech startups that offer their employees free lunches and a host of other extra benefits, David does not run his company in the same way. He thinks differently in many ways, and that way of thinking has proven to be a huge financial step for the company. While some other CEO’s opt to maintain their companies as privately owned entities for different reasons, David Zalik thought differently. He saw the potential of taking the company public, and the company did go public in May of 2018. It has been reported by Forbes that David is a billionaire, with paper assets of approximately $2.5 billion.

David has an interesting background and early life before his success story at GreenSky Credit. He grew up in the United States as a toddler and onward. His family moved from Israel to Alabama when he was 4 years old. From his young days, he was always fascinated with the computer, and he displayed a great aptitude for learning. He achieved an exceptionally high testing score at age 12. He was then invited by Auburn University to enroll in some courses there. His father worked at the University. He never attended high school, and instead he went on to begin his studies full time at the University at the age of 14.

Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Efforts Featured on Dallas Patch

Stream Energy, a major supplier of energy services based in Dallas Texas and a long-time participant in corporate philanthropy, was featured on Patch earlier this year for their company’s philanthropic efforts through the founding of Stream Cares, a dedicated corporate charity foundation that put a formal face on Stream Energy’s long history of ongoing philanthropic activities.

Featured in the Patch’s article are many examples of Stream Cares’ more recent philanthropic efforts. After Hurricane Harvey, Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Co. to help alleviate the suffering of those who lost their homes. While many corporations simply throw money at a problem and walk away, Stream Energy decided to utilize their charity foundation to get far more involved and provide a positive experience for those affected, and particularly for the children affected by the storm. In order to do so, Stream Cares covered the cost for more than 1,000 children to attend the annual event Splash for Hope.

In another tragedy, when multiple tornadoes struck Northern Texas before Christmas in 2016, Stream Energy associates actively teamed up with the Salvation Army to raise funds for those in need of assistance. The company then matched the funds that had been raised to double the amount gathered from donations.

However, Stream Energy does not only assist during natural disasters and tragedies. Ongoing efforts to support our military and veterans is also a priority to them. One example of those efforts is Operation Once in a Lifetime, where Stream Cares stepped in to provide financial and moral support for veterans and donated transportation for the less fortunate veterans to be able to attend a special lunch at a popular Texas restaurant. Stream Cares then co-hosted the American Girl Doll Experience for 10 daughters of military members and stream associates got personally involved by supporting the girls through the event.

While Texas is among the least generous states, Stream Energy, through their Stream Cares foundation, is doing their best to make up for the lack of philanthropic and altruistic efforts around the state, and they regularly make it a core principal of their daily operations.

The Vigilant Work of Dr. Mark McKenna

There’s so much that can be said about Dr. Mark McKenna’s work with his budding new company OVME. The new company whose name is pronounced “of me” is causing up quite a stir because of the way that they conduct their business within the medical field. OVME is a considered to be a boutique aesthetics company. This means that the company is dedicated towards cosmetic and elective procedures. The best part about this boutique format is that clients are not required to go to a hospital to receive their services. This frees a month to complete other tasks and makes the prospect of cosmetic outpatient procedures more appealing.

“Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME Slays Cosmetic Service Boutique Game” is an article featured on CrunchBase that talks about the exceptional work being done by this facility. It is an innovative concept that was hatched by Dr. Mark McKenna after recent success with other business endeavors. The concept of cosmetic surgery is very polarizing for many people. The reason for this is that some people believe that altering one’s appearance is vain or wasteful. On the other side, there are people who believe that it is a way for them to achieve self-esteem or look at the way that they feel on the inside. For Dr. Mark McKenna he wants to make sure that his clients are happy and are receiving the medical service they desire.

OVME is becoming popular because it offers the medical service that clients desire in the small office format. Clients are not being required to visit a local hospital in order to get their services, they can simply work in an office visit. For those clients that are looking for an even more personalized experience, Dr. Mark McKenna is working on an application that may allow them to receive home visits from medical professionals. It is his goal that he can streamline the cosmetics process in such a way that it can operate similarly to other ordering technologies such as Uber and even food services. The application that he is developing would allow clients to speak with doctors through the app in a visual format. He continues to work on that project vigilantly.

Shervin Pishevar Notes that Current Policies May not Work; an Opportunity to Try New Plans

Shervin Pishevar, the founder of Sharper Capital, seemed to be optimistic and pessimistic about the future of the United States economy in his fifty tweets that took around 21 hours to complete. In a session that seemed to portray gapes in the current administration’s weakness in decision making, the Uber investor seemed to spell doom on some of the policies that have since taken center stage of the new administration. The investor uses the current state of the American economy to forecast what will happen in the next few years and the overall future of the country’s economy.

Shervin Pishevar tweets acknowledge the existing undesirable conditions such as the spreading inflation that is hurting almost every family in the country. It is true that the country has been experiencing inflation over the last couple of years. However, the government is responding by implementing radical policies that seems to rock other nations out of arguably the largest economy in the world. These policies are there trying to enclose people with higher purchasing power to small goods and services in the country, which causes inflation.

Other issues that are facing the country such as low rates of employment and the systematic economic crisis seems to be addressed by poorly formulated and implemented policies that have never worked in other countries around the world. Shervin Pishevar notes that the declining state of the country’s stock market cannot be changed through local solutions that are biased towards the progress of other nations. These trends can only be resolved by creating an open market that allows products and services from other countries.

Shervin Pishevar perceives the current trends will continue to prevail and no radical policy will bring immediate changes. However, there is grimmer of home to the economy that seems to be on its deathbed that the future means useful to the American citizens. Focusing on the growth of the United States economies should be of paramount importance rather than giving much attention to policies that will prevent the growth of other nations. However, failure in some systems should set an opportunity for different strategies to be implemented.

Jason Hope Supports SENS Research Foundation

The number of diseases that affect humanity today has been on the rise. Almost every human being must fall ill at some point in his or her life. The illnesses can be complex and others minor. Among all the problems that face humanity, there are those that can be cured, and there are others which until today have no conclusive treatment procedure. Of all the diseases that affect humanity, not all are common to every human being. However, there is one medical condition which affects every one of us. No matter who you are in this world, there is a condition that you cannot run away from. This condition is known as aging. Every human being must age.

Human beings have lived with the fact that there is nothing they can do about the aging factor. They have to prepare themselves mentally that as time lapses so will their health condition become weak. It has been a sad affair for many people to realize that at old age, their lives will be miserable. They will no longer be able to do the things they have done in the past. Old age comes with the weakness of the body and inability to do most of the basic tasks that we perform at a young age when our bodies are young and energetic.

About Jason Hope

To solve this puzzle of aging in human beings, there is an organization that is trying to come up with a solution that will bring to an end the suffering that comes with old age. The organization known as SENS Research Foundation with the help of Jason Hope, a philanthropist from Arizona are trying to bring a solution for this problem by applying biotechnological solutions. Jason Hope is supporting this initiative because he believes in the possibility of technology being used to solve human problems. SENS Foundation wants to create an anti-aging drug that will reduce the effects of aging in our bodies. When we have a drug that will reverse the damage done by aging, we shall be close to eradicating old age diseases.

Jason Hope has supported this foundation with $500,000 which has gone to building laboratories and researching for the anti-aging drug.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who believes in the technological field. He believes that internet of things will help the other industries in the near future.

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Safeguard Your Assets With Ted Bauman’s Tips

According to financial expert and economist Ted Bauman, assets such as personal data, 401k plans and even cash should be protected above and beyond everyday means. He points out that criminals use data to then steal monies from bank accounts, funds from other forms of savings such as retirement and 401K’s and then go on to even steal individuals’ identities, in many cases. This is becoming a greater and greater concern as more and more sensitive information is being stores online and in encoded databases, but Ted has a variety of suggestions that can help prevent such a scenario from coming your way.

First, Ted Bauman says that everyone should have vital documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports and other important papers scanned and uploaded into a remote file storing service, so that no matter what was physically taken, you can always retrieve at least the photocopies of your initial information, which will make proving your own identity easier in such a crisis.

Secondly, and perhaps surprisingly Ted Bauman is not a fan of using credit cards and debit cards for shopping in person at stores or pulling money out of an ATM. He says that the data encryption used for these types of devices are not out of reach for criminals who specialize in stealing data, and these are some of the most common ways that credit card fraud exists.

Also, Ted Bauman advises that people put some money into a safe, private account such as i_Account whose headquarters are stationed in Hong Kong. While that may seem like overkill to the average American, using such a bank would be responsible, since i-Account is such a highly rated financial institution with very little likelihood of the money disappearing due to high-tech criminals. As a side note, there are no conversion fees associated with this type of account.

Ted Bauman was raised in Washington, DC, studied in South Africa, has post-graduate degrees in both history and economics, and is a world-renowned public speaker, author, editor and economist.

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Allegations Against Rick Scott Raised By End Citizens United

Rick Scott is no stranger to allegations of fraud after the issues that he faced as the Chief Executive Officer of Columbia/HCA. In 1997, he resigned from the company after being charged with fraud involving Medicare and the company was forced to pay $1.7 billion in fines after the FBI found that they were engaging in fraudulent billing practices. Currently, Rick Scott is facing allegations concerning how he is raising funds for his run in his race for the US Senate from the PAC End Citizens United.

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Rick Scott is the former Chairman of the New Republican PAC, but End Citizens United claims that he may still be highly involved with the super PAC and is receiving money that was funneled through the organization that they claim was supposed to be for the use of the presidential campaign. According to American Bridge, the New Republican PAC received money “private equity executives” based on decisions that Rick Scott made on “state pension fund investments”. In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission made a rule prohibiting the campaigns of public officials from receiving funding from financial firms if they had made decisions that had an influence on state pension investments. The firms in question made more than $3 million from the fees concerning the Florida investments that were affected by Rick Scott’s decisions. End Citizens United based their charges against Rick Scott based on the ruling made by the Securities and Exchange Commission. End Citizens United believes Rick Scott is breaking the law for his benefit.

End Citizens United was established in 2012 after the decision made in 2010 concerning Citizens United. They believe that while campaign financing has always had its fair share of issues, big money is becoming a more and more prevalent aspect of every passing campaign. When Citizens United was able to eventually win their fight in the Supreme Court in order to not have to disclose where donations came from, many people were crying foul. The PAC, which is currently located in Washington D.C, is working to make sure that campaign financing laws are reformed as to be fair and honest to everyone involved.

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ClassDojo Tackles Cruelty through Summer Kindness Series

One major problem with our world today is the lack of kindness. According to one study, empathy, or the ability to relate to someone elses feelings and care for others, is on the decline. Specifically, it has dropped 40% in teens over the past 30 years.

Dr. Michele Borba, a child development expert has studied this decline in empathy and has a great affect on children’s health, wealth, happiness, relationship satisfaction and resilience.

ClassDojo, a communication platform that works daily on creating community in the classroom, is looking to take the kindness problem with ground-up change with their new summer program, the ClassDojo Sumner Kindness Series. This program aim to inspire families with elementary school-aged children to practice hands-on activities to learn habits and ideas related to bringing more kindness and empathy into their lives. The program will run from June 21 through August 16 weekly and its content will be available for free at and by following #SummerKindnessSeries on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to Dr. Borba, ClassDojo’s Summer Kindness Program provides an excellent platform for improving the social and emotional learning in school due to its large reach. One in eight children under the age of 14, 90 percent of K-8 schools in the U.S, and 2 in 3 schools overall use ClassDojo. More than 180 countries use ClassDojo for their classroom management needs. Qualities loved by teachers, parents, students – connection, empowerment – are what makes ClassDojo’s platform so popular and successful. Through this platform they have determined that kindness, empathy, and emotional intelligence ranks among the highest need among teachers as critical to the education of their children.

ClassDojo’s Summer Kindness Series teaches a new kindness habit per week through tips, ideas and activities. It uses methods of collaborative play to teach the nine essential kindness habits which include reading emotions, finding your inner hero, exploring new perspectives, stretching imagination, keeping cool, practicing kindness, collaborating as a team, sharing voices, and being a kindness leader. Each one of these 9 methods get explored in detail weekly until the nine weeks of the program are through, after which the program’s participants will have a better understanding of practicing kindness and empathy on a day-to-day basis. In teaching these important skills and habits, ClassDojo is taking the necessary and important steps needed in creative a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

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Paul Herdsman Cites Having A Positive Attitude As One Of The Ways To Succeed

Many people say that it is important to have a positive attitude. When asked, they give plenty of reasons for having a positive attitude. Business success is one of the best reasons to have a positive attitude. Paul Herdsman has listed having a positive attitude as one of the traits to have to bring success. Therefore, this can be motivation for some people who struggle with the mindset to develop a positive mindset. It has been stated and even shown that people who are positive go a bit further than people who are negative. As a matter of fact, a lot of people believe that negative people attract negative circumstances.


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. NICE Global is part of an all-star team dedicated to ensuring that its clients are monetizing their online traffic and getting the highest return on their marketing spend.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


One thing that Paul Herdsman points out is that positive people tend to be more energetic and have more resilience. These are enough reasons for people to work on developing a positive mindset. Another reason that it is good to be positive is that people want to be around someone who is positive. This is important for people who want to run a successful business. People are not going to want to be around people who want to talk about how everything is lost and there is no hope. People deal with businesses in order to find something that is going to make their lives better. Get Additional Information Here.


A lot of people who have a bit of trouble with developing a positive mindset can find certain ways to help them develop their positive mindset. One thing that can help them is if they are thankful for what they have. When they are thankful, then they are going to bring themselves to a higher level of positive living. There are a lot of resources and tips that are available to help people develop a positive mindset like Paul Herdsman advises people to do.


Fortress Investment Group: The Leader in Asset Management and Investment

Fortress Investment Group is an organization that is known around the world, especially in finance and investment fields. The organization has been offering its services to its clients through asset management while at the same time offering consultancy services when it comes to investment opportunities. The organization has a global presence which gives it an edge over other local organizations which do not have an international preference. Although there is significant competition offered by other asset management and investment companies, it is in public domain that Fortress Group is the undisputed leader in this industry. One of the main aspects that make the organization that stands out among other entities in the industry is its global presence. Fortress Investment Group is a multinational organization that offers its services to different organizations around the world.

A recent research study indicates that the company manages investment portfolios and assets for more than 1,750 companies around the world. Managing assets for such a large number of entities shows how much other investors around the world trust the body. All investors who want to be guaranteed of returns from their investments have no option but to choose Fortress as their asset manager. The second factor that makes Fortress Investment Group as the leading asset management entity in the US and around the world is its ability to control and manage a large asset base. Recent findings in Bloomberg noted that Fortress Investment Group has an asset base of more than $3.6 billion. Such a large asset base makes the organization the leading entity in the industry. The broad asset base gives the organization a bargaining power when discussing for its share of profits concerning the returns.

The company can also use the large asset base to acquire loans which will be used to buy assets and later sell them at a profit. Furthermore, having a presence at international stage helps the organization to get clients from different market niches around the world. It is worth highlighting that investing in different niches is necessary as it helps to balance out the company, especially when some niches are experiencing slow growth rates. It is also a good diversification strategy that allows the entity to remain afloat, even when other organizations in the same industry are experience low returns. Currently, Fortress Investment Group has a wide range of customers in credit, real estate, and private equity industries among others.