Get Noticed In Spring 2018: Put On Some Luscious Lime Crime Makeup

Makeup should be fun and full of delightful colors that pop and sparkle, especially when spring abounds and the hot, hazy days of summer follow. You want cosmetics that enhance your beauty and not just cover up imperfections and wear like a uniform.

Lime Crime makeup is on a roll for spring 2018, and there is something glamorous for everyone. The palettes are all abloom, and the color purple is leading the charge, says the Reporter

CEO and founder Doe Deere seems to always be in on the street vibe, and her amazing makeup reflects the trends that people want. Lime Crime is modern makeup with that sassy edge. It’s fantastical, sexy, naughty cosmetics that young people crave.

Doe Deere developed the now cult favorite eyeshadow Venus Palettes for their grunge appeal and has just released her fourth kit in the much sought after collection.

Say welcome to the Venus III, and get ready to explode in vivacious violets and pinks. This kit is a lot different from the original Venus Palette, Venus II and Venus XL. The 8-pan shadow shades are softer, a bit more ethereal and feminine with matte and shimmer options. Obsessed fans have gone bonkers for the Venus III.

Doe Deere doesn’t believe in mediocrity, and the colors of every quality palette are all sensual, vivid and blend together seamlessly.

Her Plushies are the new lipsticks that deliver bold color with a sophisticated sheerness or veil. These lippies feel and wear so well, you won’t even know you’ve got lipstick on. Hues like Lavender Honey and Blackberry are purple-icious for the spring and summer trends.

Lime Crime even does fantasy hair color in sumptuous tints like Frilly, a bright lavender shade.

Spring 2018 is the time to get noticed, so get Lime Crime beautiful.

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