NewsWatch TV Testimonials, A Review

In operation since 1990 with over 1,000 original episodes, NewsWatch TV, which airs on the ION Network as well as the AMC Network, has a Reviews & Testimonials page on their website: .Following the link above leads to a page NewsWatch TV proudly-displays the numerous famous organizations with whom they have worked. This impressive list includes well-known entities such as Audi, Casio, Outback Steakhouse, and many more. The content on this page is well-organized & easy to traverse.

Scrolling down further past notable campaigns the company is involved with leads the viewer to a video where a knowledgeable & confident representative of Avanca Ockel, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, is being interviewed by Anthony Tropeano, one of the NewsWatch TV team members. His engaging voice & focus helps the timid agent provide feedback on working with his employers. This feedback is indeed positive and illustrates how NewsWatch TV’s clients receive professional & reliable services. Extra charm is brought to an otherwise dry & technical interview as the Avanca Ockel representative tries to repress a giddy, adorable attraction to Mr. Tropeano. The two speak informatively about a product which offers the same functions of a Windows 10 PC but in mobile size!

Award-winning & thorough with emphasis on reviewing consumer products & services through interviews, PSAs, and non-profit campaigns,this 30-minute news show also includes hosts Susan Bridges & Michelle Ison & airs during morning news hours. It has several locations including: Fairfax, VA, New York City, & Washington, DC – its home city.

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