Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman Writes About How Time Management Is Critical For Any Start-up

Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman recently wrote a blog posting where he said that creating lists is very important when running a successful business. He wrote that creating 100 day plans are critical when it comes to organizing and describing responsibilities as well as assigning them to the right people. This should be in the form of a checklist which will help the entire team stay focused and gives you a way of measuring progress.

One of the most important things for a start-up is time management, he wrote. When time isn’t properly managed it can lead to expensive cost overruns and missed opportunities. It can also lead to dissatisfaction among both customers and employees which can be the death knell of any business. Glen Wakeman says everyone has tasks they don’t enjoy doing but an entrepreneur needs to be dispassionate about these and get them done on time regardless. He says they need to be willing to move outside of their comfort zone when dealing with tasks they don’t enjoy.

He also says that the best people in your company ought to be working on the biggest problems in your company. This will maximize the chances of successfully solving problems. He says a good idea as a business owner is to hire people who are different than you. You might enjoy sales, for example, but dislike dealing with numbers. Hire someone who loves numbers and you’ll find things getting effectively done.

Glen Wakeman worked all over the world for his first company, GE Money. He was responsible for developing this company’s business in multiple countries including launching subsidiaries in nine countries. His success doing this was recognized by this company’s board of directors when he was designated as one of their Growth Leadership Role Models.

He now operates to companies he founded. These are Nova Four and LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. In this first company he offers consulting and coaching services to his clients. He also provides access to capital through Nova Four for business owners. LaunchPad operates a website that enables people to create business plans. He said every new company needs a good business plan in order to achieve longterm success.

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