Health Tech Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Heading into Digital Healthcare

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian has been working in the business sector for a few decades and has established and co-founded a dozen businesses along the way. He is also an angel investor and an active philanthropist in funding youth development and environmental causes.



Mr. Ara Chackerian works in health tech and is currently focusing on his latest business, the TMS Health Solutions. He is a managing partner at the business. TMS Health Solutions was established several years ago after Ara Chackerian and his business partner received a suggestion to look into the outpatient psychiatric field. The proposal emphasized on the transcranial magnetic stimulation which was a very new concept at the time. The procedure was used to help patients with treatment-resistant depression, but it was not widely known, and it was difficult to find where to have such treatment. That inspired Mr. Ara Chackerian and his business partner to add transcranial magnetic stimulation to the services provided by the TMS Health Solutions.



Over the years, Chackerian has worked in health tech and has been a part of the rise of companies such as the Pipeline RX, Embion, BMC Diagnostics, Mint Medical Education, and several others. His work is mainly based in the city of San Francisco.



In the future, the health tech entrepreneur is aiming at exploring one of the rising trends in the field, digital healthcare. Digital assistance and telemedicine is something that profoundly excites Mr. Ara Chacerian. He sees incredible value and potential in that sphere that can considerably contribute to the healthcare system and transform daily healthcare and enhance it. You can visit to see more.




An example of digital healthcare is a mobile app that tracks the behavioral changes in a person. Users can input their moods and feelings along with other information on a daily basis. That app, in turn, uses an algorithm to calculate and analyze whether the person is experiencing deterioration or improvement in their mental health or slipping into a state of depression or coming out of one.



Such types of apps in digital healthcare provide daily support for people, and many have emerged that connect users with licensed experts as well. For more info you can check out their twitter account.



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