15 Lime Crime Beauty Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is in the air, and that means colorful and trendy festival spring beauty trends are back in bloom again like the fresh spring blossoms outside. The following are 15 spring beauty trends for 2018 from the one of a kind makeup brand and color experts; Lime Crime makeup. Lime Crime makeup has everything you need to be spring ready for 2018.

Springtime Highlighter

Highlighter is a type of makeup product that shows off your face. It’s the polar opposite of say concealer. Highlighter brings attention and a glow to wherever it is applied to your face. Typically a highlighter is used to accentuate the cheekbones. You should apply a delicate streak to each of your cheekbones to make the most impact with your highlighter in the bright spring sunlight. You can also apply a highlighter onto your nose, under your eyes, or below the arch of your eyebrow to create more attention to these areas of your face.

Lime Crime carries a line of opalescent highlighters that are perfection for the spring months. They have numerous highlighter palettes in pastel and neon colors to select from. The palettes have three different highlighter colors per palette.

Spring Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick gives your lips a strong matte finish. They won’t look shiny, which allows for your eyes to be the focal point of your makeup look. Matte lipstick is the perfect thing to go along with the glitter eyeshadow looks for spring.

Everyday Eye Palette

Using an everyday eye shadow palette is necessary. Choose a palette that you can use for everyday makeup no matter what is going on. If you are running late for work, ready for a night out, or have plenty of time to do a full blown eye makeup look, you can find a palette at the makeup for unicorns to meet all of those needs. The Venus palettes from the makeup brand have a variety of colors that can be used for neutral and smoky eye shadow looks. Each one of these palettes additionally have a few brightly colored hues that are in pink, purple, or blue.

Statement Eyeliner

Go with bold eyeliner for the spring. Cat eyes, slight wings, or a slightly natural eyeliner look are perfect for the springtime. Be sure that the eyeliner is waterproof, so your liner won’t run.

Purple Accents

For the spring months, purple is your color this year. Any kind of purple is popular for spring. Lavender, lilac, plums, or a pinkish purple magenta hues are going to be the “it” color for spring 2018. The Venus III palette from LC makeup is perfect to keep you on trend, because it is loaded with all the pink and purple shadows to keep your eyes up to date.

Reliable Foundation

Make sure your foundation is going to be reliable in the sunny spring weather. Find a foundation that won’t slip off too easily in the hot sun. Make sure it’s long-lasting. Find a foundation that has SPF to make your sun protection that much easier for you to take care of every sunny spring day.

Long Wear Lipstick

Using a long wear lipstick will help you to maintain your lip color all day. LC makeup’s Plushies lip colors are long lasting and come in plenty of different colors to choose from.

Lash Extensions

Skip the mascara this year and go straight to lash extensions. Lash extensions will give your eyes that much more wow factor and save on your eye makeup clean up time.

Hydrated Skin

Healthy and hydrated skin is popular for spring. Maintain your skin with a skin care routine that includes a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer, and an eye cream to keep your skin and eyes refreshed.

Strong and Defined Brows

Brows that have good definition and are held in place are popular for this spring. Don’t over line your eyebrows though. You merely want them to appear bold and be held in place with some brow gel.

Lip Gloss

Carry lip gloss with you everywhere you go this spring. Doing so will keep your lips moist and hydrated during the season change.


Keep your nails painted or done up with pop on ones this spring. With neutral fashion, select a bold color for your nails. For a festival ready nail look, use pop on nails in various colors or patters. These are easy and quick to apply.

Neon Color

Adding on bits of neon is a fun way of giving your spring beauty look something extra. LC makeup has so many neon colors to choose from. You can amp up your hair, eyes, or lips with some of the neon hues they sell.

Glitter for Some Fun

On the days you’re having a lot of fun during the spring time, you should throw on some glitter. Add glitter to your skin or to your hair. Glitter looks beautiful at music festivals or other such spring time events you may be attending.

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