Bob Reina: It’s Bigger Than Him

Bob Reina is smart enough to know that when it comes to Talk Fusion, it is bigger than him. Here is the thing to remember: that fact does not bother him. At the end of the day, he is happy with that fact. He is one of those rare CEO’s that is not selfish and is not a glory hound. He is all about the company, at the end of the day. He might do interviews on behalf of the company and he will share some tricks of the trade, but more than anything, he wants to raise awareness about Talk Fusion, so others can see how it can transform their lives.

Bob Reina knows that when he talks, people are listening to him because they know the success the company has had and they know he is the man behind it. He founded and created the company back in 2007. It is truly hard to believe how much time flies, but when a company is having as much fun as Talk Fusion is, it is gone before you know it. However, the exciting thing is what is around the corner for Talk Fusion and what the team is working on at the moment.

They have won awards in the past such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is an award that means a lot to the team over at Talk Fusion. They have put in a lot of hours and manpower to achieve that award. That award is given out to the company that is constantly changing, evolving, and coming up with new ways to improve the product. That sure sounds like Talk Fusion, doesn’t it? Bob Reina wouldn’t have it any other way. Again, though, he is using his power and his status for something bigger than him. He always wants the message to be about Talk Fusion and what they are doing as a company. Learn more:

The only time he will put the spotlight on himself is when he makes a donation because he is hoping other CEO’s will do the same.


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