Malcolm Casselle; The Technology Guru.

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is an online platform where buyers and sellers can easily trade virtual assets with no investments in Security, infrastructure, and payment processing. WAX has made trading of virtual products smooth and efficient as it runs on a machine that uses smart decentralized contracts that make selling and buying safe.

Macolm Casselle

WAX has solved two longtime problems that have hindered online virtual transactions, fragmentation, and fraud. The new simple exchange widget has made it possible for gamers to trade their products without necessarily clicking out of a game. Before completion of any transaction, verification is carried out. The over 400 million online players will benefit significantly from WAX; they will have the power to create a new economy, own virtual assets, and be able to have the assets in their physical form. WAX is a subsidiary of OPSkins, the number one bitcoin merchant and virtual market in the world.

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins as well as the president of WAX. He is a learned fellow with two degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. Malcolm has been in the technology industry for years and has worked in various companies where he has harnessed his skills and knowledge. He was the chief information officer and president of Tronc before he was called to serve at OPSkins. Malcolm oversaw rapid growth in the company by leveraging digital assets. Malcolm was also an employee at Timeline Labs, a company that determines the effect of displayed content to the public.

Becoming an accomplished entrepreneur involves investing in other corporations. Malcolm Casselle is a shareholder at Zynga, Facebook, and other technology companies. He is a founding partner at PCCW, a telecom firm based in Hong Kong, China. When the company was going public, Malcolm was part of the team that assisted in raising billions of shillings for the IPO and millions in private transactions; the conglomerate is now estimated to be worth $35 billion. He is also an investor in small start-ups. Malcolm has helped firms such as Xfire and MediaPass grow and achieve their expected goals.


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