Banco Bradesco Has A New President; Luiz Carlos Trabuco Introduces Octavio De Lazari Junior

The former president of Banco Bradesco Mr. Lazaro Brandao resigned in late 2017. In his letter of resignation, it was clear that the decision to step down was entirely voluntary. Well, interestingly, he chose his predecessor, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the perfect candidate for the job because of his experiences and input to the organization.

Background Information

Concurrently, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed that the next president would be elected from Bradesco’s management as per Brandao’s wishes. Alongside the traditions of the bank to uphold internal recruitment, the administration was more than convinced that the next leader would without a doubt come from the company. Now recently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced this new development; a new president to replace the former president, Brandao permanently.


The New President

Bradesco’s board of directors recently approved the appointment of one Octavio de Lazari Junior as the new executive chair of the institution. He is replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco who was temporarily replacing Brandao. Lazari is 54 years old and is currently serving as the vice president of Bradesco according to In his additional role as the president, he shall be expected to fit into the shoes of Brandao’s realms of leadership. Because he started working at the bank at a relatively tender age that counts back to over a decade, it is clear that he is well-versed with the ropes of the business. Besides, he has strong academic credentials from the Faculty of Economic as well as Administrative Sciences of Osasco. Other than that, Octavio de Lazari has grasped the requirements of a leader within Bradesco, and his appointment was solely linked to his ethics and enthusiasm to serve his clients.

Changes and their Impacts

With this type of transition within the banking institution, it is clear that Bradesco will have to experience some changes. That explains why there have been multiple questions regarding the direction the bank is planning to take given this new appointment. Well, to answer this question, the management, under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco has insisted that shall maintaining internal recruitment and consulting with other executive leaders from time to time. It is fundamental to note that when Brandao was stepping down, he assured the company that he would still be available on the sidelines to offer insight.

Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco?
Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a native of Brazil’s Marilla. He attended the Sao Paulo University and majored in philosophy, science as well as letters programs. From school, he landed an employment opportunity at the tender age of eighteen. Other sources have documented this age as seventeen. Whatever the differences, it is factual that Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working as a clerk at a tender age. This was unlike his peers who still enjoyed their childhood at the same period.

The Overview of Leadership

Working as a clerk in the busy banking halls, Luiz Carlos Trabuco registered impressive results to the extent of earning a promotion. That is how he started working his way up to the leading positions at Bradesco. At the same time, the board of directors observed him with the sole intention of promoting his often. All too often, Luiz Carlos Trabuco focused on expanding the service scope of the business. That is why he is described as the engine of Banco Bradesco.

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