Michel Terpins: A Dedicated Rally Driver

Rally driving is a popular sport in Brazil. People watch the competition involving rally drivers, and they idolize those who often win the competition. One of the most famous rally drivers in Brazil is Michel Terpins. Born from a family which has shown interests in sports, the young Michel Terpins was trained by his father to become a successful rally driver. His older brother, Rodrigo Terpins, also stood behind him whenever he is trying to reach for his dreams. Together, he and his brother join competitions both local and abroad, trying to get as much recognition as they can. Michel Terpins is thankful that his family, especially his father, is supporting him on the career path that he has chosen. He is dedicating all of his victories to his family who never fails to give him the support that he deserves.

In 2018, Michel Terpins will be joining the Sertoes Rally, and he will be racing alongside his brother. It was in 2012 when Michel Terpins debuted at the Sertoes Rally, and he expressed his will to take the victory home. He will be driving a T1 Prototype, and he will be representing the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which was established by his older brother years back. His excitement for the competition grew as the big day comes near, For the 25th anniversary of the Sertoes Rally, the organizers of the event have chosen the mid-western states of Brazil to be the location of the race. They have chosen the area because of the challenge that it will provide those who have signed up for the competition. The total length of the route is more than 3,000 kilometers, and each contestant must be able to endure the varying types of terrain that they will encounter along the way.

Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins trained hard for the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. They will be facing off with more than 200 racers coming from different countries, and their T1 Prototype vehicle will be battling it out against 100 vehicles. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team is throwing their support for the Terpins brothers, wishing them well for the competition.

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