Views From An Expert, Sujit Choudhry, On Constitutional Issues

The constitutional-making challenge is a business that Sujit has concerned himself with for many years. New and established democracies are grappling with the changing dynamics of governance, information sharing, and other elements of civilization.

On the American constitutional transition position, Sujit Choudhry admits that the country has not been spared from the challenges that struggling democracies are experiencing. This is unlike in the past when American democracy was used as a point of reference by other countries. Today, America has to look up to other democracies and learn from their success and failures.

Sujit Choudhry has written widely on constitution and politics. He has also traveled around the world to give talks on the same. He constantly works in collaboration with NGOs, think tanks and multilateral organizations.

He has vast experience in facilitating dialogue in times of political upheaval, advising teams of experts, holding discussions with party leaders and parliamentarians, and writing technical constitutional reports.  Some of the organizations he has worked with as a consultant are the UNDP and the World Bank Institute. He is also one of the UN mediators.

His family background has been instrumental in making it easy for him to work with people from different cultural and political backgrounds.  He is an immigrant who grew up in America, and he has been a student of law in three other countries. Read more on He has interacted with people from varied cultures and developed respect for diversity.

He is currently researching three projects that he hopes to release soon ( He is engaged in this research work together with the Electoral Assistance and the Institute for Democracy.

His biggest wish is to have an organization that can tap the global knowledge from constitutional experts speaking different languages of the world brought together under one roof.

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