The class app, ClassDojo

ClassDojo was developed as an application to be used in the classroom and in school by the teachers, students, and even parents. The world today has seen the revolution in both education and technology. As the two are dependent on one another, ClassDojo aims to bring a similar interaction between students and their teachers. It should be understood that good people can become better when you simply give them better ways and an easier chance of doing things.

ClassDojo is not so after creating the best classroom. However, it does achieve a lot by simply improving the relationship and strengthening ties between involved parties in the education system.

It is a general fact that there is usually tension in a classroom where the teacher and students don’t relate well. It is even difficult to study in such an environment. To enhance education by getting rid of this kind of tension, ClassDojo was developed.

There is usually also some disagreements that arise between teachers and the students’ parents for one reason or another. With ClassDojo, it is easier to avoid such issues because parents get notified about everything that goes on in school, through the app.

Education has changed the lives of many people all over the world. Some of the most prominent figures have achieved what they have because of education. Also, it is a fact that most of the people we interact with like doctors and even pilots were once students in a classroom. Education, therefore, is a necessity in making the world a better place.

For greatness to be achieved, there has to be the willingness of one to study because in books, lie all the answers to life’s puzzles. It is important therefore to ensure that the kind of education that children receive is of the best quality. This can be ensured through ClassDojo because it seeks to make things better for students in the classroom. Involving all three parties in the education system; parents, teachers, and students is one of the easiest ways to eradicate hiccups in schools and make learning more easy and fun for the students.

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