The Spotlight Shines on Desiree Perez with Roc Nation!

Billboard’s 2017 Women of Music list spotlights Desiree Perez, Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. The New York native and savvy businesswoman joined illustrious Roc Nation, the mega-entertainment, and music label, in 2009. Ms. Perez and Shawn Carter, also known as rapper Jay-Z have been acquainted for over 20 years. She has always been a behind the scenes force in his corporate decisions. Now, in the role of COO, she takes on the totality of the brand’s labeling and publishing operations. Her day-to-day engagements are inclusive but not limited to orchestrating marketing initiatives, creating business partnerships, representing the label’s artists, and positioning music tours. The intense negotiator also focuses on growing the company while producing high profits for its shareholders.

Desiree Perez is known for spearheading high-profile collaborations such as Sprints $200 million deal with Roc Nation’s TIDAL streaming services. This strategic move set the record label up for further successes by offering 1 million free downloads of the new Jay-Z album 4:44 to its Sprint customers. This led to the album’s platinum success prior to the album being officially released. The 4:44 Album Tour garnered 21% more profits than that of Jay-Z’s Magna Carter Tour five years ago.

Desiree Perez, also known as Dez Perez to her circle of influence, also played a major role in Rihanna’s Anti Tour promotion negotiations with Samsung; transcending singer Rihanna’s career into superstar status. Even The Queen Bee-Beyonce, has attained business input and contract deliberations from Ms. Perez for her recent Formation Stadium Tour. The clear-sighted COO keeps the music industry plateauing with sharp, innovative concepts, forging new heights for the Roc Nation brand. She unceasingly trends on the music radar as one of the most influential execs in the entertainment sector today.

Grammy Winning Duo The Chainsmokers Are Back with a New Sound

The Chainsmokers is a duo comprised of DJ/producers Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The duo got their start playing at clubs and venues in New York City. Their first show was opening for Timeflies at Terminal 5 in 2012. Other venues that they have also played at are Marquee Vegas and Opium Barcelona.

The Chainsmokers first broke into mainstream music in 2014 with their hit single #Selfie which was on the top 20 charts in many countries. After that, their success began to climb exponentially. They released their debut EP Bouquet in October of 2015. The album featured the single Roses which made the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This single catapulted them to the spotlight and The Chainsmokers began to release hit after hit. Their single Closer featuring Halsey was in the number one spot for 12 weeks, and Don’t Let Me Down featuring newcomer Daya won a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording. The Chainsmokers released an EP album,

Collage, in November of 2016, followed by a studio album, Memories…Do Not Open in April of 2017.

In the past, Pall and Taggart have said that they are still figuring out exactly what their sound is, and their new single Sick Boy makes it evident that their sound may be evolving. The music is a lot darker than the music from their last album. According to Taggart, the inspiration for the darker sound stems from anger and frustration. It is a reflection of how people feel when they put themselves out to the world, intending to relay a message but the world takes that and interprets it into something different, especially when it comes to social media. The duo plans to have Drew Taggart as the front man on this new album (before they were both producing the music and would have featured artists singing) and they look forward to giving the world more of what they have to offer.

Ronald Fowlkes: Marine to Businessman

Ronald Fowlkes was a member of the US Marines and a member of the St Louis Police Department as a SWAT Team officer. It was in these two position that Fowlkes gained so much knowledge in the world of law enforcement equipment. He is now co-owner of First Spear, one of the worlds biggest innovators in police and military equipment.


Ronald Fowlkes first heard of Eagle Industries during his time spent in the military. While picking his equipment up to put it on, he always noticed the company logo on the highest quality equipment available. When he left the military to pursue a career in law enforcement, he saw the very same logo.


Fowlkes says the equipment he used in the military was well designed and lasted a very long time. Fowlkes decided to join Eagle Industries. “In fact,” Fowlkes began “We like to tell the world that we are the Gucci or Ferrari of the tactical [equipment] world.”


Since joining Eagle Industries, he is now the co-owner of First Spear, one of the subsidiaries of Eagle Industries. As co-owner of First Spear, Fowlkes begins his days taking his children to school and then heading to the office. At the office he makes phone calls with clientele throughout the day. In addition to dealing with clients, he oversees large orders and makes sure that production in on track to begin packaging and delivering.


Under the leadership, the already successful, First Spear was able to expand even further. Fowlkes says the company is always looking for new ways to innovate their equipment; First Spear is always trying to make the gear lighter without sacrificing protection.


Fowlkes never doubted that the company would be successful because he knew first hand that the quality of First Spear’s equipment was miles ahead of any competitors. His first hand experience with the equipment also makes him the perfect choice for selling First Spear equipment. When he is trying to convince new clients to sign on with First Spear, he relies on his experiences in the field to explain why First Spear is the best product on the market.


First Spear creates everything a police officer or military officer might require. They create holsters, belts, bullet proof vests, and helmets. They even create casual ware for officers to purchase and show support to the brand.


Equities First Holdings UK Has Personnel With Good Financial Background

Equities First Holdings UK (EFH UK) started in 2013. The stock-based loans, financial advice, and good leadership has made them a leader in their sector. The EFH UK has been helpful to the people in the new market. People get take advantage of the benefits of using a stock-based loans. The greatest benefit is the loan can be used for any purpose. It has easier approval rate than some traditional loans. It helps when people has valuable stock to use as collateral for a stock-based loan. Financial advice is another way people are reaping the benefits provide by EFH UK.

EFH UK is only good as people who leads it and keeps the doors open. Professionals with a good financial education drives success. EFH UK understands people and their needs. There should be able to have a team ready do what is needed to help the client succeed and see them reach their goals, and read full article.

Michel Terpins: A Dedicated Rally Driver

Rally driving is a popular sport in Brazil. People watch the competition involving rally drivers, and they idolize those who often win the competition. One of the most famous rally drivers in Brazil is Michel Terpins. Born from a family which has shown interests in sports, the young Michel Terpins was trained by his father to become a successful rally driver. His older brother, Rodrigo Terpins, also stood behind him whenever he is trying to reach for his dreams. Together, he and his brother join competitions both local and abroad, trying to get as much recognition as they can. Michel Terpins is thankful that his family, especially his father, is supporting him on the career path that he has chosen. He is dedicating all of his victories to his family who never fails to give him the support that he deserves.

In 2018, Michel Terpins will be joining the Sertoes Rally, and he will be racing alongside his brother. It was in 2012 when Michel Terpins debuted at the Sertoes Rally, and he expressed his will to take the victory home. He will be driving a T1 Prototype, and he will be representing the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which was established by his older brother years back. His excitement for the competition grew as the big day comes near, For the 25th anniversary of the Sertoes Rally, the organizers of the event have chosen the mid-western states of Brazil to be the location of the race. They have chosen the area because of the challenge that it will provide those who have signed up for the competition. The total length of the route is more than 3,000 kilometers, and each contestant must be able to endure the varying types of terrain that they will encounter along the way.

Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins trained hard for the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. They will be facing off with more than 200 racers coming from different countries, and their T1 Prototype vehicle will be battling it out against 100 vehicles. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team is throwing their support for the Terpins brothers, wishing them well for the competition.

Views From An Expert, Sujit Choudhry, On Constitutional Issues

The constitutional-making challenge is a business that Sujit has concerned himself with for many years. New and established democracies are grappling with the changing dynamics of governance, information sharing, and other elements of civilization.

On the American constitutional transition position, Sujit Choudhry admits that the country has not been spared from the challenges that struggling democracies are experiencing. This is unlike in the past when American democracy was used as a point of reference by other countries. Today, America has to look up to other democracies and learn from their success and failures.

Sujit Choudhry has written widely on constitution and politics. He has also traveled around the world to give talks on the same. He constantly works in collaboration with NGOs, think tanks and multilateral organizations.

He has vast experience in facilitating dialogue in times of political upheaval, advising teams of experts, holding discussions with party leaders and parliamentarians, and writing technical constitutional reports.  Some of the organizations he has worked with as a consultant are the UNDP and the World Bank Institute. He is also one of the UN mediators.

His family background has been instrumental in making it easy for him to work with people from different cultural and political backgrounds.  He is an immigrant who grew up in America, and he has been a student of law in three other countries. Read more on He has interacted with people from varied cultures and developed respect for diversity.

He is currently researching three projects that he hopes to release soon ( He is engaged in this research work together with the Electoral Assistance and the Institute for Democracy.

His biggest wish is to have an organization that can tap the global knowledge from constitutional experts speaking different languages of the world brought together under one roof.

Learn more about Sujit’s work insight, visit


Lessons learnt from Sujit Choudhry’s career journey

Sujit Choudhry a professor, advisor, lawyer and an author, Sujit is one of the few immigrants to serve as a dean in one of the highly ranked university in America. Sujit served as the dean at University of California from 2014 to 2016. Mr. Sujit attended the University of Toronto Schools for his high school education; he, later on, received a law degree from Oxford University, University of Toronto and Harvard Law School.

Sujit’s career journey.

Sujit Choudhry started work in Canada where he served as a law clerk to chief justice Antonio Lamer, in 1999 he became an assistant professor at University of Toronto. His career progressed, and in 2011, he was named as professor of law at New York University. Currently, Sujit is the director of The Center for Constitution transition; the organization aims at providing information and conducting research on constitution policies, the data is generated by a team of international experts and is later transmitted to decision makers (

Sujit has over 20 years ‘experience as an advisor, and his skills and knowledge are instrumental in making the firm a success. Sujit’s idea to establish the organization was influenced by his work. During his work as an advisor he helped amend constitutions as well as form new ones, it is at this time that Sujit Choudhry discovered that there was lack of information and outdated information and for the policy-making process to be efficient and successful it is vital for one to be equipped with the correct information. This thus saw the establishment of The Center of Constitution Transition which would conduct research and generate knowledge for the policymakers.

Sujit attributes his education as a critical factor to his success in the career, though being a foreigner; Sujit has successfully established himself as a household name.

Some of the lessons Sujit has learned over the time is taking setbacks not as a failure but a stepping ground to achieve greatness. When he started the organization, Sujit had already planned out how things would unfold. However, things did not always turn out as planned and this taught him to go back and make better plans, he has also learned that constant re-invention is the key to victory.

Keep up with Sujit, follow him on Twitter, Crunchbase

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Susan McGalla: An Example of Someone That Moves a Group Ahead

One of the common topics in the world is that of oppression and inequality. A lot of people talk about inequality and there are plenty of attempts to fix this issue. However, many attempts are unsuccessful because of the many factors that go against it. Often times, one of the factors is the oppressed group itself. There can be a tendency to focus on the problem and how things are unfair as opposed to finding a solution to the issue. This is where Susan McGalla comes in. She has proven herself to be a capable and innovative leader. The reason that she was able to pull this off is that she had the right mindset.

Susan McGalla has held high positions in male dominated businesses, and she has done it without all of the protesting and complaining. She has instead shown that she is a valuable asset to the company she works in. One way that she has done that is by presenting people with great ideas that have grown the businesses and increased revenue. Another thing that she has done was address everyone equally and left gender out of the equation. This is one thing that her father has taught her growing up.

Susan McGalla’s approach to business is one of the topics that she brings with her to women when she is speaking. She does not waste any time on talking about the hardships and unfairness of being a woman. She instead focuses on different ideas and approaches that women can take in order to make the type of life that they want. One thing that Susan does not have is an entitlement mindset. She does not consider herself entitled to anything. She is instead willing to do the work that she has to do for anything she wants.

Sujit Choudhry Leading Public Figure and Expert on Comparative Constitutional Law

Sujit Choudhry has been an internationally recognized personality in the field of law and constitutional building. He has completed his studies in law from three top law schools, including Oxford School of Law, Harvard Law University, and Toronto University. Sujit Choudhry has helped many emerging countries with building their constitution. Presently, Sujit Choudhry is working with Berkeley Law School as a Law Professor, and in the past has served as its dean. Sujit Choudhry has also been the professor of law at NYU College of Law.

With the experience of over twenty years in the field of law, he is amongst the most sought-after law experts in the world, especially when it comes to comparative law. Sujit Choudhry has worked with different countries to help them amend their constitution and build their constitution ( Some of these countries include Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Jordan. Sujit Choudhry believes that if nations can make small adjustments and changes to their constitution, it would go a long way in helping peaceful resolution of conflicts and ensure the country is on the progressive path.

Sujit Choudhry is an authority in the field of comparative law and this context; various magazines and leading media channels often interview him. Recently, Sujit Choudhry gave an interview to CEOCFO Magazine, where he spoke about the things he feels truly for, including the need for changes in the constitution in many countries. He also talked about how the United States needs to learn from other countries that are progressing at a faster rate due to their adaptability to comparative law. With the help of comparative law, it would become much more comfortable for the countries to work with each other and move ahead uniformly.

Sujit Choudhry said that traveling extensively across the globe has helped him gain exposure and knowledge about different cultures and their laws . It is what has imbibed in him the belief that comparative law is fundamental to the world today. Sujit Choudhry is also the co-founder of the leading organization on comparative law, Center of Constitutional Transitions, which promotes comparative law and its importance across the globe. More on

Keep up with Choudhry on LinkedIn.

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Avaas is Having a Major Impact On Today’s Issues

Avaas is the largest online activists network, and the most powerful in the world. This online activists network has been around for only five years, and they have impacted millions of people looking for positive change in today’s society when it comes to corruption, poverty, conflict, climate change, and taking action against regional, national, and global issues. The way they organize is to find like-minded individuals who feel the same way regarding controversial topics, that need to be addressed, to bring a positive change as a force collectively.

There are thousands of volunteers that serve at Avaas, taking part in campaigns on 6 continents, and in 15 languages. Their activity at Avaas consist of funding media campaigns, emailing, calling, lobbying governments, signing petitions, or holding events protesting against something that has a direct effect on humanity as a whole. About Avaas utilizes the value of the Internet by creating an audience to engage with, and encourages them to feel free to join the global movement, bringing people powered politics together in the decision-making process, so that your voice and perspectives can be heard loud and clear.

Any issues that concern the public, Avaas and their global team are always prepared to take on the challenge to get their point across regarding any issue at hand. Their online community keeps up with all the issues that surface, so when it comes to calling attention to a problem in the world that needs to be addressed, they take advantage of their online presence and collectively see how they can come up with the solution as in a group effort. Today, Avaas is making a genuine difference on subjects that really matter, and are working together to find solutions that are a concern for people all over the globe.

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